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July 17, 2011


Just tell them like I do mine....Wow, thanks guys you're saving me a lot on hot water

How wonderful to have such willing helpers in the kitchen!!! Too cute!!!!

I have another comment, if I may.

I saw this product awhile back and thought of it again today since Travis came up in this post. If you decide to buy it for him, I'll be glad to contribute towards the cost.

Funny funny. I have 5 Jacks that compete for the right to pre-wash our dinner dishes. If the bottom rack is not all the way out, they will stand on the door for better position.

How cute is that? And you don't ever have to worry about hiring a cleaning surely have enough "help" for anything you need. Feel free to send a couple of your best cleaners down here...I could use the help :)

A perfect teamwork! Synergy! Colaboration! Synchronism! The opposite of my fellow (???) workers. I hope they don't read this blog. :) :)

they are so cute i love and have a dachshund,,,,,they are like kids to me

You know, I saw the blender and thought "ah great, Steve and Alayne got a chance to enjoy a margarita!! I forgot about dear Travis. Glad he's still with you.

We are very fortunate in our household to have this type of help too! Gosh, did I have a good laugh seeing these photos. Our lab, Kylie acutally sits staring at the closed dishwasher after we are done eating, knowing that soon the door will be let down for many plates and silverware for her to clean.

So we are just as fortunate as RDF to have such great (and cute!) help. Life is good.

They obviously take such joy in their "work", :)

I have a favorite photo of the 1st night we had our puppy Katie. The dishwasher door was open, and she climbed up and lay down on it, as if it was meant just for her.

Thanks for sharing a good smile!

Oh, such good helpers! And you appreciate them too....that's wonderful.

You don't need the "machine", you have those cuties doing the work. Just slap those dishes back into the cabinets and save on water!!! :) :)

Good Morning! ahhh...your little sweethearts bring such a *smile* to my face...thank you for sharing your family with us! Cheers, Valerie xo

So if you spill food on the floor, will the dishwashers turn into floor scrubbers? :)
I've been wondering about some of the other dogs such as Blanca and Travis. I hope they're well and happy, and I hope the same for Margaret and her goat pals.
Here's wishing everyone at RDF a wonderful week!

Can I borrow them for a week or so???? :-)

Good help is not easy to come by--- so glad to see you at RDF have wonderful help! SMILE!!!!

Why they are just saying "We gotta earn our keep here at RDR.... cuz life is gooooood here!"

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