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July 24, 2011


Nice one Travis!!- & friends, The size of holes some of our residents dig to find a 'cool den' are like caves.... we've got a mountain with 200+rescued dogs in the Philippines. temp is HOT most of year..great to see the wonderful work you guys are doing for our fury friends.. all the best - john Brighton Uk.

It's nice to see Travis and Patti enjoying the shade. Have to give Travis credit for getting things just the way he likes them!

With the heat and humidity here, my dogs go out, do their business, and want to come right back in. If I go to do something when they are outside and I don't get back to the door within a few minutes, they sit there and I get what I call the "2 dog glare". They rush back in and find a spot under an a/c vent.

I have a couple of really big shade trees that they will lie under when it's not so hot out, and around here that won't be till at least October!

I think you need to do some renaming... Snoozing Dog Farm.

Our BeeDee dog (cockapoo more cocker than poo) was always excavating spots, usually under a deck to relax in hot weather. None of the other dogs ever used them..apparently were custom-dug to fit only BeeDee so I can understand Travis' need for a hole.

How wonderful to see Travis (even if it's just a shot of his butt!) And it's good to see Patti too. I always enjoy updates on animals that haven't been mentioned for awhile.

Perseverance paid off - well, for Travis anyway! So cute. And yes, I'd be up with Patti, for sure. But it is neat to see how they have such strong and willful personalities. Love it!

I hope your sweet dogs can find ways to keep cool during this heat wave. We just got done with a week of temperatures in the upper 90's. Our poor pooch pretty much lived in our basement to cool off.

LOL!! - Part of his busy little body is sticking out almost in the sun! Looks like a two-temp dog. Guess he likes variety. I do agree, Patti looks more comfy to me. :)

Aaaaaaa, whadda we know about doggy comfort! LOL

Travis you are so smart and I'm sure so dirty! :-)

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