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July 14, 2011


Hey Steve,
I tried to share this link on fb and was not able. Any suggestions? I'll try again tomorrow. Thanks for all you and Alayne do for the precious souls you help. Thank you also for sharing your stories with the rest of us!

I truly admire You Two for all that You do! And Sharing it with All of Us! Thanks so much,these photos are too cute!!

It would be great if Sophie's old owner could see how well she is doing now -- but I realize that may not be possible...

Oh dear........resist resist

A pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do to get food! What ever works - cuteness, pathetic looks or just plain stealing.

Love love love Sophie! The second picture of her prarie dog begging style is absolutely hilarious! She fits right in with the quirky crew :)

Have you considered getting Widget a patch to round out her pirate look? ;)

It is not possible to resist a Dachsie baby sitting on their bum. I miss that look. Enjoy her.

Sophie LOVES Carrots! And green beans too! I found it hard to resist her too so I made sure I always had some Sophie friendly treats for her. She came to me with that dance down pat. First day she just stood right up - funniest thing I had ever seen! Give her kisses from me-

Gondo's addition makes this post even funnier. Thanks for the laughs, both of you!

What a wonderful story. Thanks for introducing Sophie and guest starring Widget.

These pictures are so funny! Widget has obviously been taught to share her talents!

How super super adorable...LOVE your post and your little sweethearts...umm...have you ever thought of writing a book on your precious bundles of joy?? Your writings are beautifully compiled....have a think on that!! Cheers, Valerie up in southern Manitoba xo

Who has who trained? Way to go Sophie and Widget. Keeps your mom and dad on their toes!

Awwww,Sophie - that Steve admits he banishes you to the porch! - but we know he is a marshmallow at heart! Stick with Widget - you will be Miss Assertiveness in no time. Enjoyed the laugh and adorable pictures.

Isn't Sophie adorable (yes, Widget, you're adorable, too:-))?

Why is it that the most irresistible of dogs are those who need to lose weight the most?

Life can be quite unfair...

Have a great week-end!

I always enjoy hearing the antics of the dachshunds- such funny, loveable characters!

Frankie whines like crazy right before her feeding times, like she is absolutely famished and shall perish at any moment. I'm on to her though and know it is all a clever dachshund act. :)

Barbara Techel

I love your posts - they are so endearing. and who could resist those two...wait till they get Dexter in the mix and you will be in BIG trouble!

Thanks for the laugh. Judging from the 2 different body shapes, Sophie's obviously been waaay more successful at begging from the table than Widget. Don't knock it if it works!
We adopted a rescue Shih Tzu recently who has obviously been heavily rewarded for her table dancing antics. We've resisted treating her but it's really hard not to smile as she stands on her hind legs and waves her front legs wildly.

These two are just too cute for words! Beyond adorable. Oh and Steve I have a beagle, Widget's method of paw then howl, and the occasional steal works on me as well.

No one has to teach a dachshund how to sit up and beg. I am convinced that it is part of the DNA. I have been "owned" by several over the years, and that is the the first thing they learn....sometimes even before the potty training!!! Regardless, it's too, too cute!!

Sophie is SO cute! How could anyone resist that face (and that tongue!) and that plump body? I think you just need to make a little extra at meal time so she and Widget can get a few morsels. It doesn't look like she's been to the groomer yet, has she?

Oh, they are such characters, aren't they? Another blog & pictures to start my day with a laugh.

We call it 'Busseling". They sit on their Bussle. (bottom) I had Flossie who used to 'bussle' for us and obviously you have a couple who bussle for you too. Good luck trying to resist the bussle!

Oh dear ... with these two in the house I won't need any diets!!
I am such a pushover, my 'little' Corgi-mix has about the same shape as Sophie - that little piece of tongue poking out of Sophie's mouth would just melt me everytime ... so sweet.

Those pictures of Sophie and Widget are a double dose of cuteness! I'm surprised that Widget would even think of divulging her how-to-get-more-food secrets. I guess she's figuring share and share alike :)

And then Madison walked by and added wisely:

"we all have our ways, the methods matter not,

in the end, what is certain, is we get what they got."

The fact that Widget looks every bit a pirate these days makes it that much more convincing!

How adorable and cute is that --it looks like somebody feed her way to much from the table--glad you are not!!! ADORABLE all the way around and of course Wiget too! SMILE!!

Hmmm,I think you and Alayne are in trouble now. Double trouble!!! With Widget as her mentor, Sophie will have the routine down pat in no time. Next blog we read you and Alayne will be eating outside on the porch and the dogs will be inside:)

This was great. I'm surprised Widget shared her tricks of the trade with a rookie.

Widget, great speech! You're a real smooth character.
Sophie reminds me of a cute teddy bear when she begs. Looks like someone in her life taught her to sit up and beg for food. My dog is allowed only fiber-rich human food for treats on her vet's orders. Once she adjusted to this, she became a big fan of it and will now do anything for carrots. Maybe Sophie can make the same transition. Widget, however, is incorrigible. :)

How can you stand it? I'd cave in too! Wait a minute, I do cave my own dogs, quite regularly in fact.

Awww, my laugh(s) for the day!! They are too cute.

Sophie is a little plumpkin isn't she! Widget looks good, like she lost some weight...she's ok, right?? How are her heart meds doing?? And lastly, it is awfully nice of you to share your lunch, I am just amazed the whole crew isnt milling around the kitchen, that would be a sight to see.

Sophie might say "OK, Widget! But I'm fatter than you!"

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