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July 19, 2011


It's hopeless I'm afraid, my feral cats and crows coexist like old pals.

I think Skitter is just showing superior intelligence by avoiding the b i r d the size and temperament of a crow. One smart little girl there!

We feed the birds and get all kinds, including the crows. I find them entertaining, though sometimes a bit too noisy. Watching them balance on the tip-top of the water fountain is a hoot! The little birds use it as a full body jacuzzi with the water bubbling up, but the crows only get their feet wet, and a nice drink! Notice you almost always see them in "twos"? They mate for life and I like that about them. Interesting info can be found at

I love how you get a visit every morning from your sweet barn kitty. It's too bad Skitter hasn't discovered the b-i-r-d in the front of the house, yet or maybe she just doesn't care for all the noise the crow makes & would rather watch you all.

WOO HOO!!! Nice to see a cat!

Skitter- you are very purrty!!!

Next time Skitter arrives for her morning visit, hold up a sign saying, "No caws for alarm, just visit the other side for something to crow about."

I suspect that at one time or another someone someplace has been or was feeding the crow. Crows can be disgusting and noisy, but fascinating to observe because of their intelligence.

I could loan my newest rescue to you for a few days. Cheesecake would make that crow a distant memory, also mice and chipmunks. The neighborhood feeds chipmunks so we are not very popular, and I'm not happy with the bird thing but from almost feral to a very loving 8 month old kitten, he's come a long way......He's dynamite with flying bugs!! :)

Skitter!! Nice to see you sweetie! You need to check out the other side of the may have some fun over there. Hey, when you get a chance, drag Steve and his camera over to the other kitties and to wherever they are keeping Miss Margaret..we miss them too. Again, good to see you.

So good to see a cat update! More cat updates for all us cat lovers! :) sweet thing! We have two crows who make a horrible noise and eat at our feeders---wish I liked them......

Maybe you could take her to the other side of the house and introduce her to the resident "pest". I'm sure she'll have a lot of fun trying to chase the crow away!

Yeah! Finally a cat update! I really miss stories about the special needs cats you once had. I want Alayne to be healthy, but many of your blog readers miss the cats.

sorry - I've got a dog, house cats, and a small bird sactuary in the back yard, and yes, we feed the crows! They're such clowns.....but I get your point! Great rise in the Challenge!

ARRGGHH the Crows! They terrorize our neighborhood when they build a nest. And the cawing! They are the worst neighbors, aren't they?

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