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July 04, 2011


Oh my....little Sophie is adorable! I had a little short legged X-breed a few years ago who looked just like Sophie but Tiffany was black and she was sleeping, her little pink tongue would peek out. I still have photos of her. I now have 2 Newfs who are the biggest joy in my life!!!

I hope the woman who had to give her up can know what a fantastic life Sophie will live out at the ranch. To be with so many others and to have such freedom will be great! She is one lucky dog!

Callie is saying "Hello, Beloved Ones!!! I'm sending you a friend of mine. Please, take care on her!!!"

Sophie, you touched my heart instantly. My heart say, contact RDR about wanting you, but my body says remember your age. When I loose, God forbid, my long-haired, Buddy, I won't attempt another dog. I would end up being another elderly owner that can't take care of a pet. For now I'll give Sophie my love via my own dust-bunny.

The Animal Rescue Site shelter contest is back!! Please go vote everyday and help RDF get the top prize!!

Sophie, you're a sloe-eyed beauty! Welcome, and you'll love RDF.
Those are good photos, BTW.
In coastal Georgia, we get 100% humidity without rain. It means the air is totally saturated. It sounds funny, though.

Sophie is beautiful. And I love the picture of Spinner giving her the sniff test. Let us know how her bossiness holds up with the gang! :)

Welcome sweet Sophie! I've met a couple of animals adopted from the Yolo County Shelter, and each has been wonderful. I also had a Cushing's dog, so I'm hopeful her tests will be negative.

Welcome to RDF, Sophie! What a beautiful girl :) Another wonderful addition to your crew.

I had a Cushing's dog and he lived for quite a few years after being diagnosed (he was already a senior dog when I found out he had it). He didn't let it bother him, he just went about his business. Please let us know what Sophie's diagnosis is!

So happy Sophie found her forever home, my doxies, Chief and Pepper are so thankful that one of their own has found a great place to roam. We had a Cushings doxie, so I hope and pray Sophie is only overweight. God Bless ya'll for taking her in when her elderly owner could no longer care for her.

You guys are just awesome. It is so wonderful to read about the good you do when there are so many bad things going on around us. We have 2 long-haired doxies, one of which is a rescue and I had to laugh when you were talking about how she picked up the grass on her swiffer fur-when my husband cuts the grass, I usually have to sweep my kitchen about 10 times to clean up all the grass, but it is so worth it. Welcome Sophie, I will look forward to hearing about your adventures.

WELCOME SOPHIE--she isn't very old! Love long hair doxies.

Thank you so much Steve and Alayne for taking Sophie in. She is a bossy sweet girl! Give her a big kiss for me and remind her I said to be nice to all her new furry friends!

To play a bit off of one of my favorite movies- Field of Dreams: "Is this heaven? No, it's Rolling Dog Farm." You are a very fortunate girl Sophie, and already had many special angels helping your journey. You are an adorable girl, and very fortunate!

What an adorable little sable wienie girl! Her coat is beautiful, though my handsome longhair boy, Dieter, says that his is still nicer. (He is SO vain!) Hope the Cushing's prognosis turns out to be negative and that she, a typical dachshund, just loves her food! Welcome!!

Loving the photo of our girl Spinner!!!! Her nose told her there was a new kid in town!! When I saw the photo I heard myself say "Spinner!!" out loud. :-)

Welcome Sophie. Looks like
you're going to fit right in.

How did your first visitor's day go this past weekend? I thought about y'all and vowed to make it one day. I'd love to read a blog post about it.

Welcome to our beautiful Sophie. When will we know about the Cushings and how is it treated? She may be shooting you the "raspberry" because there are not enough teeth to hold the tongue in her mouth. I think it looks kind of flirtatious!

Welcome sweet Sophie! I've met a couple of animals adopted from the Yolo County Shelter, and each has been wonderful. I also had a Cushing's dog, so I'm hopeful her tests will be negative.

Sophie is a beautiful girl. I hope her former owner knows that she is safe and sound!


Thank you for taking in this wonderful little Doxie. My doxies Annie, Lucy and Brody thoroughly approve (me too)!

Welcome to our hearts, Sophie.

Sophie is absolutely adorable! I'm so happy to hear that you have another doxie to boss you around. :)

Barbara Techel

What a cutie Ms. Sophie. Good luck with that coat. It will keep her warm in your winter for sure. She also will help dust your floors! :o)

A very warm welcome to sweet & bossy Sophie!

I bet she has already found out that she has landed in doggy heaven...;-)

Thank you, once again, for giving a furkid in need a loving home (big thanks to Ashley, too, of course).

What a cute face and how sweet that she could come over! I wish her all the best and for you two it must be sweet to be pushed around again ;-)

(ah, *snif*, I re-read Megan's posst, shouldn't have done that)

Happy 4th of July! Welcome Sophie!

What a pretty little girl she is.
I'm sure she thinks she is in a dog Heaven.

Thank you~
It's beautiful there!
Um...but that thanks

Sophie is adorable! And does seem a bit, uh, fluffy and round. I'm sure it's all that hair and not her weight! Can't wait to see what nice hairdo the groomer can come up with to trim some of that excess and make her cooler. And the humidity is one of the bonuses (?) on the east coast you get with the beautiful seasons. Funny how it can be 100% and not be raining. I always wondered how that can happen, but it does more times than you would think.

Welcome Sophie, and it is SOOOOO good to see Spinner again. I've missed that big white girl. Sophie will do just fine, it is Widget I am worried about, the Doxie #'s just bumped upward again.

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