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July 31, 2011


At least she Trixie either can't or won't. If the grass is wet my little queen of the house will potty on the deck!!

I so dearly love your animal stories!

Widget: "Is he done yet?"
Dexter: "Nope."
Widget: "How 'bout now?"
Dexter: "Nope"
Widget: "Now?"
Dexter: "Good grief, Widge, will ya just go???"

You mean you haven't learned by now to make sure you know where Ms. Widget is 24/7 and to bow down and submit to Her Majesty's every wish and command? To make her actually wait to pee...oh the injustice!

At least she had an underling...Mr. keep her company while she was forced to wait :)

Just a note about the Shelter Challenge...the shelter that's in first place right now, Cat House on the Kings, had a new documentary about them on Nat Geo (or Nat Geo Wild, forgot which one) last night and I'm sure that will contribute to many votes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the same could be done for Rolling Dog Farm where you could get national exposure? If you wanted to consider it, I'd be happy to do whatever I could to get in touch with them!

So, next time mow Widget a path to "her spot" early on so if she comes out to go, she won't have to wait -- or is that taking the whole "princess" thing too far.

My two favorites how cute are they!

guess you'd better work on that ESP...

Widget to Dexter: "My mind says be patient but my bladder says hurry up."
What's taking that whipper snapper so long? Give him a Red Bull.

Oh the INJUSTICE of long grass!! LOL Love tales like this!

Sweet Widget ... she thinks she's a princess! Ahhhh

Smart girl with a small bladder.

Hurry Dad... mow faster.... I can't hold it much longer....wooooooow,,,, starting to bloat.... hurry Dad!!!!

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