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July 10, 2011


Madison gives new meaning to the word "chillin'"! She looks so comfortable and content and what more could a happy dog ask for :)

I still don't understand the difference between the dog wing and the people wing. And "they" don't care...

Hey Tonya, why ask 'why 7 closets?'. I just wish I had them in my house, then maybe the car would fit in the garage. Again... Hey Madison!! Love ya, stay cool sweet heart.

She's pretty, cool and smart too. I have a lowered room in my house down some steps with a tile floor. Sometimes I think my male dog has gone out of the doggie door and look for him only to find him down in the corner of that room sprawled out on the floor - a cool black sprawled-out heap on a white floor.

Oh, how good to see Madison again! Does she still ride around the property with you like she used to? Been voting every day at work and at home.

Hey! Can you give us an idea of why you would have 7 closets in a hall in a house? That is just strange to me. Tonya

So nice to see you Madison. You look very comfortable and peaceful.

Such a perfect house---who would have thunk it!!!! Made for RDF and residents like Madison!

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