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July 26, 2011


Quite the playful adventurer!

I like this view of Travis & I'm sure he likes his view better too. Of course, he has the look one can see me! I am a secret agent!!!

That Travis is SO cute! I guess I have a crush on him. Hugs Trav! Quite the den!

Hey, maybe we've got comfort and rest and refreshment all wrong. Perhaps it involves a little secrecy, some damp dirt on our bellies, the smell of earth in our nostrils, and a place we designed ourselves with a perfect fit. Perhaps, best of all, it will involve a human rubbing you down to remove the dirt before you get to come in the house.

We have a Samoyed mix who has dug a den in our very flat dog enclosure. Loves to work on it after it rains, then dances around so happy with the extra attention, as we get her into the garage dog tub to rinse off the clay from her entire head and front two feet. Then she smiles at the other two dogs like, "See, it gets me more than just a place to hide."

Travis is so photogenic! I love all the ways he's utilizing his special hole. Way to go, Travis!
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

There he is, with those baby blues. Ah Travis, you're one of my favorites!!
Thank you, Steve and Alayne, for taking care of Travis. I hope all of your readers who don't know Travis do a search and read about him. I think he's pretty special.

Travis has his hidey hole and Dusty has his under the big fir tree...clasic dogs, well adjusted dogs, HAPPY dogs. You and Alayne do that for them. Be proud of your little boy, he dug himself a whole new world under there. You have to wonder what kind of imaginary things dogs dream up for themselves.

That certainly is a large hole. It was very hard to tell what size it was in yesterday's picture with Travis' cute hind end sticking out! I wonder if he crawled in there hind end first or is that hole so big that he came in through the other side? I'm glad he has his comfy and secure spot :)

I think my post from yesterday ended up in cyber space lol. I was saying that it is so hot here that my dogs won't even lie in the shade of the big trees I have in the backyard. They want in as soon as they're done with their business and if I don't get to the door fast enough, I get the "2-dog stare"!

Travis is playing "Secret Agent Dog".... woof.... I'm undercover....I'm invisible....I'm checking it allllll out and no one can see me.. cuz I'm "Secret Agent Dog"

And all this time we thought you were in New Hampshire - Not Italy! Who knows what he sees out there...........

Better dig a "cool" hole! The temperature is high enough to actually fuse him (no pun intended, of course).

I have a dog that does the exact same thing. As well trained as mine is (yeah right!); sometimes she ignores me when I call for her and I can always find her in the exact deep hole as Travis(under the shed though).

I like this view of Travis much more than I do the view of his OTHER end!!!

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