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June 21, 2011


Really Dexter looks very cute and innocent.

Discovered your sanctuary/farm/ranch on TV with Jack Hannah and have been looking at all your posts and blog and pictures now for hours.
Wow...fantastic and what a wonderful place for the animals. Wish I had the funds to have a place and do what you do. I'm absolutely astounded at your dedication. Thank you for what you do...........

What a precious photo! Couldn't help but chuckle!

Saw a t-shirt - Dachshound - German for "little pain in the ass" How true!!

Priceless---just an adorable face!

With a face like that, you KNOW he gets his way! :-)

Please give Dexter a kiss from me and Jibby (9 yr old mini doxie).

What a cute little face Dexter has poking out!! Reminds me of a Doxie named Lil Abner who lived in an apartment building I used to live in. The very first time I went to view the apt. which was on the 2nd floor, Abner (on lower floor) had his little head wedged between the Venetian blinds - so you had huge picture window, Venetian blinds, and one little Doxie head.

This is way to precious! I chuckled the minute I saw the photo. Thanks for warming my heart first thing today!

And yes, ALL dachshunds follow you wherever you go... well, at least mine does, just like yours. :)

Barbara Techel and Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog

poor baby......

Too, too cute! It sure must have confused him to be on the "wrong" side of the closed gate. Dexter, you made my heart laugh.....and it needed it.

He's so cute!! and Doxies always prefer carpet to outside...its in their nature! Came across your site and blog recently, and its become my new favorite!! Love what you guys do - your are truly special people!

What an adorable face!!


Will you explain the logistics of the "dog wing" and the "people wing"?

Do the dogs just use the "dog wing" to sleep? Seems like they may have trained you and Alayne to rethink that idea.

Oh Dexter reminds me of little Bailey.....Im still so sad about him :(

HA!! I'm up here and you're not and I am where the carpet is and I have to tinkle. Forget about me will ya!! But on the other hand...I am the only one up here and I would really rather be WITH you and can you please come get me?? Please?
(96 and HUMID here, "feels like" temps in the low 100's, icky, sticky)

After the recent loss so nice to see my favorite Mr. D

I'm curious... What do you think he was saying? :) :)

Dexter is a trip! That cute face sticking through the slat of the gate is adorable. What a character he is!

Your summer solstice sounded wonderful. We broke a record high of 102...and that was without the heat index! Climate change at its best :)

He is "Dexter the Dickens" after all.......

So kinda you snooze you lose, Dexter! Too funny!

Don't worry little Dexter. Mommy and Daddy will be rescuing you shortly. In the meantime, go ahead and make use of that soft absorbent carpet!!! (just kidding). What a cute little guy.

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