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June 23, 2011


This is the kind of post that just makes my day. Awesome!

Thank you for this post. Nice photo too :)

Beautiful life Miss Lucy has with her human sister, Kendall! Thanks for sharing the update!

Lucy is PRETTY IN PINK.....

Such a rough life there for Lucy - I LOVE IT!!! ;) Stories like this are wonderful - I hope to hear more about Lucy (and all the others in new forever homes!) in the future!

As always, thank you RDR for everything you do. The world is a better place because of people like you.

Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story. Most of all for facilitating a wonderful new life for Lucy and her new family. It obviously is a match made in heaven. Have fun Lucy and Kendall! Why to go RDF!

Oh my gosh, my heart grew 10 times it size seeing this picture of Lucy and Kendall!! Lucky, Lucky Lucy!

You'll have to tell Kendall that Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog rides in a special basket on my bike too-- and we LOVE going for rides! And also one word of caution for Lucy and Kendall- is Lucy strapped in? I found out the hard way to do that when Frankie leaped out of the basket (pre spinal injury) to chase after a dog-- yikes! Luckily we were all fine, but it was pretty scary. I cut apart a leash and tethered it to the basket to strap her in and she is still comfortable too.

PRECIOUS photo- made my day and warmed my heart!!

Barbara Techel

That really is heartwarming. Thank you for sharing it.

Tears of joy here!!! Hurray!

Kendall and Lucy - what a darling twosome you are. I just love this photo and story. Lil Lucy hit the jackpot. Thanks and love to ALL who set this beautiful family situation up. Have fun bike-riding and be safe!! :):)

This is the kind of thing that just makes my day. Awesome!

Those little ladies were meant to be FABULOUS! and I am sure that Lucy told Kendall pink is her favorite color, no question. sweet, super sweet.

OMG...that picture is priceless!! I'm so glad Lucy has found such a wonderful home. I get the shocked look from people too when they found out Levi is blind, especially when we are hiking and he is walking the trail with no leash!

Kendall & Lucy just look adorable!

Thank you so much, Vicky and Steve, for this terrific update.:-)

Keep on ridin', Princess Lucy!:-)


Steve and Alayne...your hearts must be overflowing with happiness when you received this update.

Seeing that photo does my heart good. It's great to see the life Lucy has now with her wonderful new family!


How wonderful! Thank you so much for the update and thanks to Lucy's family!

What more could any dog want than to be part of the family, and a most wonderful, loving one. How very special. This was simply meant to be, :)

And Kendall keeps herding Lucy.

I sure wish every dog had a life like Lucy. I'm sure all of you do. What a wonderful update. Thank you!!!

Beautiful! That is one lucky little dog, sighted or not. Lucy hit the jackpot. Thanks Vicky for you and your family giving her such a great life.

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