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June 14, 2011


Hmmmm...I wonder if you could save some money on paper towels by buying a big supply of absorbent cloth diapers that you could wash and reuse. The idea comes to mind because my mother kept our cloth diapers after we grew past needing them and used them as clean-up rags for many years. But then, you surely have a lot more messes to clean up than she did!

-Mare in Mass

Maybe they had some forklift operators that took a little snooze inside of a truck. I could see that happening, & the driver of the truck not seeing anyone around the loading dock, thinking, ok, I'm outta here. I have seen people that can sleep anywhere and it always amazes me.
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

"Here's your sign!"

Evidently, the position of Forklift Operator entails some unexpected dangers! That sign certainly gives food for thought. That's some heavy shopping you did!

That fork lift issue boggles the mind. My dad is a terminal manager for Estes Freight. I'll have to talk to him about this "hazard of the job". It just goes to show that until you do something, you can't imagine what obstacles will come up!

Wow. You've sure got your supply chain figured out, and more of that great exercise to unload at the farm.

The sign reminds me of a special feature an airline requested many years ago--- to add a switch INSIDE their cargo compartment for trapped personnel. ! Brrr. Makes you think there were some very interesting stories preceding that. Good luck to Ms. Widget!

And I thought I went through alot of paper towels with one incontinent weenster! this brought a smile to my face... and thank goodness for paper towels, right? :)

Barbara Techel

Well, 2 hours to Costco & vet internest every once in a while is still better than an hour to any vet every time! I laughed when I read the sign, scratched my head and thought I am glad I dont drive a fork lift. Too funny.

That sign gave me a good laugh. I guess anything can happen when we're not paying attention! LOL

I know you stock up since you don't make the trip too often and I sure hope your truck has a great set of shocks and real strong tires...between dogs and supplies, that's a lot of weight you're towing around!

They must have some pretty absent-minded drivers in Vermont...;-D

On a more serious note: how is Avery coping with his heartworm treatment?

What a funny mental picture you drew of those poor forklift operators being shanghaied accidentally! Thanks for this one. It's great.

Not sure about Costco, but when I managed a truck stop close to a Walmart/Sam's Club distribution center we had drivers coming in multiple times daily complaining about how they were treated and rushed through loading/unloading (and yes a few ended up with forklifts & drivers in the trailer still when they stopped for fuel)

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