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June 05, 2011


Wahoo. Someone caught the 'horseplay' that my own poodles do. I have an NMDR (Natl Mill Dog Rescue) white standard and a 2 yr old white standard and they stand on their hind legs and look like they are going tear each other apart, bending and taking hold of the other's foot or grabbing a tail. I worried initially until I learned this is the way they play. Both rescues are happy kids and I'm so glad the Sisters have a new home. I simply couldn't take on more than my four.

Love it! They are beautiful!

So happy to see the sisters so happy! Another great ending.

Love all the action shots of Molly and Priscilla! I thought they might miss their boyfriend Trooper back at the ranch but it seems they've moved on quickly! Haha. Great story, thanks for sharing!

What a wonderful update on our sweet poodle girls! It's great to see how happy they are in their new home. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Kathy and Chris!

I have been waiting to hear how the poodle sisters were doing in their new hem. Thank yo so much for the wonderful update. How great for all of you. dogs and humans! It's such a love story! Please keep sharing info on the girls. They really have their own fan club!

I am happy to see the girls have adjusted well to their new home. Lucky girls and lucky new family. Another RDF success story.

So very very glad The Sisters were never split up. They are beautiful together, thanks again Steve, Alayne, Kathy & Chris.

Their joy truly shines through these pictures and made my day. How wonderful. Love the play bow, the poodle sisters, and all who help them be so happy!

I just love these update blog posts. The girls look fabulous!!

I've had a blast with the search button Steve. How long has it been there???? Just finished re-reading about one of my all time favorite RDF residents, Peabody. If the search feature is new, THANKS!; if it's always been there, still thanks, for mentioning it in your post the other day. :-)

When I look at these great pictures of the girls, it still amazes me that they are blind. They sure don't let on, do they? Thanks to Kathy and Chris for giving them such a loving home. They look to be happy and healthy as ever! Loved reading how they get so excited when the leashes come out.
Steve and Alayne, you have helped educate so many of us on how rich and full lives disabled animals can have. The poodle sisters are a glowing example!

Wonderful update! I"m so happy for the girls. I admit I was sad to see them go, and couldn't believe they would have it any better than at RDF, but they look pretty happy. :)

Fabulous pictures! The play bow is just adorable. Thank you Kathy and Chris not just for the pictures, but for letting us know how happy they are and how quickly they adjusted.

What a delightful way to start off the week!

Kathy & Chris I am glad you are enjoying the poodle sisters and thank you for sharing a glimpse into their new lives. I am so glad you and they are happy. We wish you many more years of wonderful dog antics with these 2 and the others they share the home with (and the big black kitty!). Steve & Alayne, just keep sharing the love. You do it so well.

The sisters look awesome and extremely happy. Thank you so much for giving them their forever home!!

Such joy this is to see Molly and Priscilla so happy!!

Barbara Techel & Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog

What great photos of Molly & Priscilla! They definitely look like they've settled into their new forever home really well.
Thank you Kathy & Chris for opening your hearts and home for these two sisters. I'm so glad they got to stay together.
Hugs all around,
ginger & Tobias

Molly & Priscilla were so very lucky to have first had the love that you & Alayne gave them and then, second, to have found their "forver" home.

Absolute contentment! Great pictures!

We all did need a happy post, didn't we?

Bravissima Kathy, who has taken such great photos of Molly & Priscilla (and has given them a loving forever home)!

It's just wonderful to see them so happy!

Look what a great job you did with the sisters! They settled in quickly, love to go on walks, love to play...all thanks to you two who loved them and gave them care and respect and let them grow into confident, happy girls. Job well done, Steve and Alayne!

Oh, so great to see the girls so happy in their new home!

I'm so glad the sister got to stay together. They've hit the jackpot twice, now, in forever homes.

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