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June 16, 2011


Widget, we're not getting older, we're getting better! We just have to take our meds for what ails us and move right along...and with your spirit, there will be a lot of moving lol!

Love the queen treatment for the ride home. It's a tough life :)

Love the update on the Queen Bee. She is such a divine Diva.
Thanks for sharing.

Since you use enalapril a lot, you probably already know this, but it is on the $5 list at Sam's club. I loved Sam's when my old dog needed medicine.

Well, we know who the boss is in THAT household! Her imperious stare says it all, really.
I think most of us dog owners have stories like that. I suspect that the word "master" when translated to dog language means "servant". :)

You can hear the love you & Alayne have for your "kids" in every blog you post. You may feel you are pampering them but in reality you are showing them how special each one truly is and thanking them for all of their love they give you each day.

Hi Widget,

So glad to see you travelling in style. You look quite comfortable and happy to be going home.

Congratulations on the good test results too!

Wishing everyone at the Farm a lovely and peaceful weekend.

Love it..."there is no sense in teaching an old dog new tricks when the old ones work so well." I will save this one for my book of quotes. What a comfy bed for a sweet girl.

Princess Widgie! All she's missing is her crown. Don't worry, Widget, aging happens to the best of us, and you are definitely doing it gracefully! Of course, it helps when you have excellent Staff in your Kingdom, as you do. ;-)

Thank you, Steve, for the update on Avery's heartworm treatment.

Our Daphne (who is now 15) has a pronounced heart murmur, but our vet doesn't think she need any meds yet, as there is no coughing, or laboured breathing.

Needless to say, Daphne quite agrees with Widget: who needs new tricks when the old ones work so well?;-)

Remembering your description of Widget from your Website, "Widget is like having a blind Napoleon locked inside a Dachshund body wearing a Beagle uniform." Napoleon never traveled as comfortably as the Widge does!

As someone on my share of old people medicine I feel a special kinship with Widget. She deserves to travel in comfort since she's the one who keeps RDF running smoothly. It's a tough job for one lone beagle. All she asks, like any beagle, is a constant supply of snacks to keep her going.

Of course Widget expects to go FIRST class! I know how you feel Widget about getting older but you are doing GREAT!

What a spoiled potato that Widget is! Us older folks have to take our medicine, so Widget has lots of good, seasoned company. Medicine is good for the heart, and so is a contented Widget!

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