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June 09, 2011


That is an absolutely beautiful picture! I would love to have it on my wall! The scenery and mtns in the background are breath taking and you have captured the loveliness of the horse, which with your telling of her 30+ years makes it more endearing.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll "shut up" now and let the picture speak ...

Blueberry looks like she is enjoying herself!! You may need to take the hose to the blind horses to cool them off. The green hills look gorgeous. You have all the heat and back here in Montana we are flooding everywhere! At least once it quits raining; we will have all that lush greenage for a little while anyway. :)

Blueberry... yeah, girlfriend! You've got it made in the shade.... er wading pool!!!

How sweet! I didn't know they liked to go in for a swim or just to stand! How neat there is a place to do that! I should be so lucky in my retirement.

I love this gorgeous picture. Blueberry, your retirement center is the absolute Ritz! This picture shows the serene beauty and peace of RDF!

Another great reason to smile. Great idea Blueberry! That "retirement" idea is inspiring!

I would have gladly gone swimming with Blueberry, but would she have been happy about me?? I wished I had had (no I didn't stutter) a pond in my back yard these past several days. The NE is not supposed to be this hot. For this type of heat, I'd have stayed in San Antonio! Blueberry is one smart and lucky gal! :) :)

I love this picture, and the thought of Blueberry cooling off i the pond! Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

You can almost hear her say "Ohhh, ohhh, chilly, chilly, ahhh, that feels so goooood, mmmm!!" And to whoever thought to name a horse Blueberry...very cute!! At 30 she deserves some aquatherapy on a hot day. Wish I were there to go in with her.

What a lovely sight! We have scottish cattle nearby in a "natural" pasture, with a pond and yesssss.... they cool off like this too - it looks so nice that I'd join them if they weren't so big ;-)

Smart girl, Blueberry.

What a lucky gal! And what a lovely picture...

Thank you, Steve, for sharing these "glad moments" with all of us.:-)

Those of us on the east coast are certainly sweltering, that's for sure! Looks like Blueberry sure has the right idea for cooling off on a hot summer day :)

Looks like the perfect horse spa to me!

BTW, Steve, do you put out a kiddie pool with a couple inches of water for the dogs to stand in when it's this hot? We've had dogs that love to just stand in shallow water to they cool themselves through their footpads (and through panting, of course). looks like sometime you can lead a horse to water and they do know what to do!!!

Lucky Blueberry, having a cool pool all to herself! She makes a beautiful picture, too.

What a lovely and serene picture. Thank you for sharing that.

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