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June 26, 2011


Bindi has found heaven on earth.....

Always love to see the updates! Bindi, you've got a wonderful family there!

I am impressed the way Bindi is able to navigate stairs even though she can't see. Another example of how a dog with a disability can often lead as normal of a life as a dog without disabilities can. The same goes for humans. Thanks again for sharing all of your successes. You all are incredible.

Dirk makes Bindy look teeny tiny!! Then when you see her beside Stella you realize she isnt teeny, Dirk is HUGE!! How adorable they all are.

Just FYI: Dara (6th post down when I counted) is the WONDERFUL lady responsible for Bindi making her way to Rolling Dog and into our hearts! She contacted Steve about her, and paid for her flight to Montana. Without Dara, Bindi wouldn't be living the pampered life with us that she has now. Thank you, Dara, for being such a champion for our 4-legged friends! Bindi sends you an enthusiastic "WOOF!" :-)

Delighted to see Bindi thriving. I had been particularly smitten with her (do I say that about a lot of your pups? :) because she so resembles my Annie. Couldn't agree more. WONDERFUL!

Oh the good you do! Steve and Alayne. Bindi is adorable, Stella looks like she is looking to get into something. It is so nice to see updates and see how RDR graduates are doing. Thank you Cassie for sending in these really cute pics (your staircase is beautiful!)

Just laughing at the HUGE handsome boyfriend...

Happy happy pictures! If people were just more like dogs, what a wonderful world......

I love how you word things, Steve ... how dogs accept things in one another, and us, "as is." Beautifully true!

What a wonderful big sister she is!!

So happy to see my girl, Nevada /bindi is happy and thriving. Wonderful way to start of my day.

What great pictures! It's the best way to start the week. These dogs look so happy and contented that they make you smile. I just love your blog.

Another great "happy ending" for a RDF furkid!:-)

Three cheers for Bindi, Dirk & Stella (and Cassie, of course)!

What a great story...those are great photos! I know what you mean, Steve. Dogs are just incredible. I hope to be like one when I grow up. Their view of the world and each other is incredible.

Cheers to Bindi, Stella, and Dirk!

I visit the Montana Ranch in 2007 for my 50th birthday and have a picture with Bindi (Nevada) as a puppy! How wonderful to see pictures of this happy, happy dog! Thanks RDF and Cassie B.

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