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May 17, 2011


OH!! You have Cinder on the front page!! Yeah! What a sweet little thing she is. It is good to see her. Maybe you could show even 1 picture of where she calls home I would love to see it. I love dogs but kitties hold a special place in my heart, especially this little shiny black kitty. Ear scratchies to you sweet Cinder.

I love farm - sounds good


Gee, Bo, next time you want more attention, just ask - - don't go getting a sore eyeball! :) Poor guy, I'm glad he's already better. I'm surprised to learn that a horse can squeeze his eye shut as hard as was described, but not surprised, I guess, considering how those intelligent animals find ways to do a great many things.

Facebook page? How could I have missed that?

The new site looks great guys! If you happen to update and have a button for a sidebar I'd love to add it to my website.

Th website is perfect. Seeing and reading about Callie, Pappy, Evelyn and all the rest was a mixed bag of emotions. I need to go get a tissue now.

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