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May 10, 2011


Another cute beagle! Avery, welcome to the ranch where you will be loved and treated with kindness...just sickens me that you were mistreated.

Steve and Alayne: thanks for taking both boys in and giving them another chance at a great life as all dogs should have!

Great to hear the ranch has won new beds for the animals!!

My condolences to Cathy on her recent loss of Casey.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your heartfelt condolences on the passing of my best friend Casey. Your words are extremely comforting during this difficult time. Thank you to all who voted in the Kuranda Bed Dog of the Month contest. Good to know that RDF will have 5 new cots because of your support....Casey's Mom xo
And a big welcome home to Louie and Avery! Could they be any cuter! Will be looking forward to updates on this dynamic duo.

Hugs to Cathy... I know that pain. I'm sorry.

By coincidence, one of my little guys, Renaldo (a chi-dach pound puppy) is getting an echocardiogram tomorrow too. He has a heart murmur.

Mr. Wiggins, my minipin-chi pound puppy, had heartworm. He came to me from Louisiana and it's more common there. Took about 1200 bucks to cure but we just got word he's negative for it now. Two treatments, two days in a row, and followed up by Interceptor rather than Heartgard, since it's known to help with the HW larva better than the Heartgard.

Thanks for taking these two guys in. Your work is so important and often it makes my eyes leak.

Avery... don't worry. Your new mom and dad will be taking really good care of you. Don't be scared little guy. You are going to have it GOOOOOD at RDR!

Wow, what's with all the gorgeous blind beagles? Two handsome fellows for Widget to loom over. Isn't it funny how dogs "come back" to you? (Avery=Briggs)

So sorry to hear about Cathy's dog. What a heartbreak!

Great luck for Avery (hm, sounds like a label...) to find RDF.

Blessings to Cathy who put Casey's photo and story up on Kuranda's site, enabling RDF to win the beds.

Cathy, so sorry to hear about your loss. Casey looked like a beautiful animal companion and I know that he'll be sorely missed. My heart goes out to you.


I'm so thankful this sweet boy, in need of so much love and care, found his way to you. Steve and Alayne: thank you for the sacrifices you make to be there for these wonderful animals.

And I thought Louie was cute... Avery is adorable! What a sweetheart.

I'm pretty sure all his medical issues can be fixed so they didn't bother me as much as hearing how he cowers waiting to be beaten. That's just heartbreaking. You so want to cuddle a dog like that but he'd probably think you wanted to hurt him. What's even sadder is that he's blind and he can't see the other dogs getting loved on and see they are happy and that could be his life too. I know he'll come around eventually but my heart hurts for him anyway. When he's feeling secure, please give him a love for us out here.

I hope sweet little Avery will feel the love and calm at RDF and soon know he is safe. I always have good thoughts pop into my head when reading this blog - had the thought that you could sing when approaching Avery so he will associate your coming with happy sounds. Please don't think I'm a nut! :) - I've noticed that if I sing or hum around my dogs when walking them, that they are more relaxed.

Very glad to hear little Avery is in your safe and loving hands now!

Cathy, you are so special. I'm not sure I would have been thinking of others while I was fighting for my baby's life. Bless you both.

I don't understand why people bother to have pets if they are going to abuse them. Welcome, Avery. Things are looking up for you, Sweet Boy.


Avery is going to be a very happy little guy. He doesn't realize yet how very lucky he is. He looks sweet and will feel much better as his medical issues are resolved. Will be looking forward to hearing about him as he progresses. That's also wonderful about the Kuranda beds you won. Thanks to Cathy for that and condolences to her on losing her friend Casey. I've also been thinking about Herbie. Any updates on how he's been doing?

Cathy, my condolences on the loss of your sweet Casey. I know he's running free and back to his old self at the Rainbow Bridge. And thanks for helping RDF to win the Kuranda beds...they are sure needed around there :)

Welcome, welcome, Avery! Your new name suits you. You have been given the best 2nd chance a dog can have by landing at RDF. You'll have the best of everything and most of all, all the love that you want! You're already well on your way to becoming pain free and healthy.

Have fun with your new gal-pal Widget!

Condolences to Cathy...
Welcome Avery I hope with lots of kisses he turns into a love bug!

ps...Steve, I hope you got a chance to go to the original Ben & Jerrys in Burlington while you and Avery were there. I just know that he would LOVE to have a taste of some of their ice cream!!(remember in MT when you would share your oatmeal cookies??) ;) just a thought

Steve & Alayne: I'm sure you and your vets will make sweet Avery (what a lovely name for a lovely boy!) feel much better in no time at all.:-)

Cathy: I'm so sorry for your loss. Casey is certainly watching over you right now, thankful for the two wonderful years he got to spend with you.

I cannot even fathom how anyone can beat something so helpless, so loyal, and so loving.

WELCOME Avery--you never have to be afraid of humans again! Thank you RDF! Thank goodness for the recent adoptions so there were openings at the Inn for Louie and Avery! I kept checking the blog to see the new arrival--thanks for posting early Steve and Alayne!

Avery has no idea the lap of luxury he has landed in. He may not think so at first with all the Dr. visits, but he will understand when he starts feeling better and better.
Cathy, I send heartfelt sympathies for your loss of Casey. His memory and legacy will live on at RDF when any little (or big) dog makes use of any of the beds you both helped them win. Bless you for taking care of Casey for his final years. It is a heartbreaking thing to loose a pet, but you are better off having had him in your life. Thank you for entering RDF in the contest. You have a good heart.

Welcome Avery, you are safe now! Prayers for you to get well soon. Another team member for "The Beagle Brigade"

So very sorry to read about Cathy's loss of her sweet Casey. My prayers go out to her.

Poor little Avery......sounds like he has had it VERY ROUGH in life BUT things are gonna be different now!!! He is going to be healthy and happy and loved. What a blessing. Welcome Avery.....we bog readers look forward to seeing your progress in the coming months. Steve, you mentioned his eye pain but you didn't say if his skin condition was able to be treated and bring him at least some relief on one front.....please keep us updated.

Welcome, Avery. You have landed in a very good place and will be taken care of.
Cathy, I am so sorry about your losing your boy Casey. What a dear fellow he was.

What a happy-sad posting.

Welcome, Avery. What an awesome name. I can see it suits you already. You'll never be beaten again and you have the best life coming your way! Not to mention the best medical care that makes the pain go away. Enjoy your new home.

Condolences to Cathy on losing Casey. He was, no doubt, a wonderful companion. He's sleeping on a Kuranda bed somewhere, I'm sure. ;-) Thanks for all your help in getting RDF (note the F for "Farm.") extra comfy beds.

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