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May 01, 2011


So glad they have a happy home now.

I had the good fortune to foster Molly and Priscilla before they went to RDR. Congratulations to the girls and new owners, may they have a long and happy life together.

Hurrah! I'm so glad these two pretty girls found the right family.

I have been following the poodle sisters since I heard about them. I am a "poodle person" and wished I could have taken them myself. I am so glad they now have a loving home of their own together. Best wishes to Kathy and Chris. They certainly have loving hearts.

It would be wonderful if Kathy & Chris could send updates once in awhile to all the Priscilla & Molly followers:-)

Enjoy your Belles, Kathy and Chris! Wishing you many years of happiness with them....

Thank you, Lynn, for your kind words, Carla

What a great fairy tale ending for two beautiful princesses!!

Great news! may need to get some bigger doggie beds, the one Priscilla is on doesnt look big enough!!

Wonderful news, wonderful new, forever family! Have so enjoyed being a part of their lives from afar & had almost forgot they are blind! Is both painful, and miraculous to revisit their condition arriving vs leaving RDR. Dreams come true,

Wonderful news! Best wishes to all.
I'm glad your friend has you Carla.
And Kathy: I love your hair!!

SO happy they are together!!

Party on, girls! Have a lovely life...

ooh YAY! But I am going to miss the posts about the sisters. Love them!

If I'd known those two were getting a home I'd have sneaked a couple more beagles onto the transport to you...

Congrats to you and the Poodle Sisters on another successful adoption!

Congrats Kathy, Chris and the poodle sisters! Looks like everyone is happy!

Ditto Betsy...

Is that a big chubby black cat in the picture with Pricilla? How lucky are Pris and Molly to find a really nice home with other dogs and a kitty too! Obviously no odd or strange questions were posed by Kathy or Chris and Steve and Alayne felt this was a good match. Oh, K & C, thank you for the pictures already, we all fall in love with these animals and love seeing where they have ended up...thanks

I could never do your job. I would become so attached to every animal who comes to you and it would just kill me to let them go. You two are such special people to do what you do. With all the bad news out there, blogs like this make my day.

How very beautiful - both to see and to hear about. May Molly and Priscilla have nothing but happiness, thanks to the love and care they have encountered by all. And, Carla, so sorry about your friend's loss of Tara!

Tears of happiness!! I've been hoping for this for a long time. So happy that the Poodle Sisters will have a Beagle/Dachshund mix of their very own in their forever home. A little Widget reminder when they're fondly remembering the RDR gang. Good news all around.

Oh I'm so happy for them ... but I'm sure going to miss them on the RDR updates. Love those girls!

So happy to see these girls settling in so quickly. I love the picture of Priscilla nestled in her bed.

I remember their story and what they went through before coming to RDR. Thank you to everyone involved in their rescue and care.

Wonderful news!!! It must have been hard to say goodbye, but hopefully they are close enough for a occassional visit?

Looks like they will make themselves at home very quickly, with the appropriate number of human staff.

These two beautiful babies have gone from one pot of jam into another! I'll miss seeing them but I am so thrilled that there was a couple with hearts big enough to include a few more "loves". God bless all!

Smiling, happy heart!

This is wonderful; what you work so hard for. I know you'll miss the girls, yet are so thrilled they have a great new home.
With a bonus...more siblings!

How exciting! But we will miss blogs about them. Chris and Kathy must keep us all updated on their progress. And is that a big fat cat in front of the sliding door by Priscilla? That's something new for them if so. And I think maybe they need some larger beds! Thanks Chris and Kathy for taking these beautiful girls into your home.

What a surprise--after some of the disturbing inquiries about 'the girls' I'd wondered if their perfect family just wasn't out there. Clearly, it is--thanks Steve and Alayne for giving Molly and Priscilla the chance they needed to find a home together. The three poodles at my house (one is blind) are cheering!

Happy tears for the poodle sisters!!!!!

Great news to start the week off. It's always nice when one (or two) finds their forever home. Congrats to Kathy and Chris on their new additions. Keep those updates coming.....

What wonderful news! Thank you Kathy and Chris for giving these 2 very special ladies a new, loving forever home. Looks like they're going to be busy with the other dogs in the house as well as with both of you. Please keep us updated with some pictures.

Steve and Alayne, I know you're going to miss Molly and Priscilla very much in addition to missing all the "kids" who have recently been adopted. But now there will be more room at RDR for a special dog in need! :)

What great news!!! It's amazing to find people like Kathy and Chris who have so much love to give:))

How do you cope with having to say goodbye?

I've just heard from my friend: Tara died during the night.:-(°°°

This piece of great news is just what I needed, as a very dear friend's dog, sweet Tara, is dying right now.

I'm just overjoyed for Pris, Molly, Christ and Kathy. Letting them go, though, must have been terribly hard on you two, Alayne & Steve... Thank you for always being so utterly unselfish.

God bless you all!

Wonderful news to read tonight. I hope Kate and Spencer soon find their own special home!

OH MY GOSH!!! Do you blog readers remember what these two beautiful sister looked like when they first came to RDR--it was heart breaking---they went from the ghetto to Beverly Hills WHEN they arrived at RDR---Steve and Alayne you took such good care of them---not sure if you were going to be able to let this pair go but looks like they found the PERFECT HOME!!

Soooo happy for the beautiful girls! They have a new home together as well as furry siblings!! Thanks to all who made this a happy ending for the precious girls!!!


Hope we get photo updates. Like many regular readers I'll miss seeing the aristocratic girls on your blog. They are a great pair.

Looks like a perfect match for everyone. Congratulations to "the girls" and their new family.

BOGO!! Awesome!!

Goodness me. I'm struggling with this adoption. Not that I think there's anything wrong with the girls' new family. I just always felt they were "keepers" at RDR, y'know, part of the scenery. Anyway, I'm so glad for the sisters and for their new family. Kisses.

Hurray for the poodle sisters and for their new owners! Best wishes to all! I hope for a photo or two again in the future.

So happy for the pretty girls.........

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