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May 26, 2011


I think you guys are awesome and I vote for you twice a day (work & home IPs). God bless you!

I must ask again: Is Steve still alive?

I have a husband who says he likes the adrenaline rush it gives him when he "lives on the edge" and teases me the same way you tease Alayne. word of advice... make sure you have at least a few feet of a head start before you make the wise cracks...

good luck with the rice nicknames. i'm sure you'll come up with something creative.

"Long-Grayn Alayne" outta fit. Yeah, Steve, your goona pay at some point for this blog.

I fed a dog with chronic pancreatitis rice and plain yogurt for years. She did great on it and had the most beautiful coat. But I finally got a rice cooker, and it helped a lot. You need one of those big ones they use in Chinese Restaurants.

Sorry Alayne....but make him find you a big rice cooker to help you.

Wow, that's one big pot of rice! I think I'm going to move in with you guys...homemade meals everyday! And Alayne may have a break now from the potatos but when the apples are all ready, I'm sure you'll have her slaving peeling them all :)

It's wonderful that you do everything you can to support the local economy!

Keep in mind sweet potatoes. They are a great carb for dogs. In your new home you will can also use some of those apples and I bet some blueberries will be nearby.

Ok, this just cracked me up...Spuds 'n suds and tator tot! ha! Way too funny!

I think Alyane will forgive you... how can she not? Anyone who loves disabled animals like the two of you obviously have huge hearts!!

Barbara & Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog

I was wondering if doing all your own cooking is less expensive for you?? It's a great idea and I love it! : ) Plus you're supporting your local economy. BONUS!

That pot makes the stove look small. Wow! Just the shear volume is staggering. Best of all to ya!

Hmmm, I wonder what nick names Alayne has for you?? I am glad she is getting a break from the peeling and cleaning, it can get very monotonous!! I hope you can somehow add some o fthe future apple bounty into your recipes when they get ripe. YUM! Hugs to all the 4 footers.

Ricearoni - the new hampshire treat!

Why is Alayne like a beer? Because, after all her cooking for the dogs, she's now a "Spud-wiser." [Forgive me, Alayne. I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for you. I just can't resist making bad puns.]

I tried to switch my dogs to a homemade food from balanceit, and my dogs just had the runs for weeks, all kinds of accidents inside. I gave up and went back to their old food, and haven't had any accidents inside since. I so wanted to be able to feed them something healthier then the vet food they are on. How have your dogs handled the switch?

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