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May 08, 2011


I'm so happy that Lou made it safely. I pulled him from the shelter in Louisville amd drove him to Atlanta and fell madly in love with him. He is so sweet and gentle and handsome! are just adorable! It would be great if you bonded with the "surprise" travelling companion we will soon hear about...but in any case, you will soon have lots of wonderful friends and adventures at the RD farm.

Woo Woo Woo! Welcome Louie!
Louie is quite the handsome lad, I'm certain he fit right in with the "beagle brigade"

Louie, now you know it's true, all good things come to those who wait. Welcome home cutie pie.

Wow, he is a handsome guy. Isn't it funny how they pose when they know they're being photographed. Must be some instinct that tells them to "smile!" Can't wait to see Louie's travelling companion.

YAY! More Beagles! Emmett approves, and so do I. Welcome, sweet Louie! You're safe now, honeybun.

And yes, happy belated Mother's Day to you, Alayne, four-legged children count too! (Did they get you anything???)

Louie is one handsome beagle boy! Can hardly wait to see who else came north with him!

Congratulations on the prize....will keep on voting for the animals!

I love him! He's SOOO cute! Although I'd like to know who the other new arrival is...

Louie is very sweet and handsome! Thanks so much for taking in this awesome boy!

AAWWWW, Louie, what a great-lookin' little dude you are - congratulations on landing in the best doggie spot ever! - can't wait to see that "other/another" new guy/girl. Hooray for your winning that $1000!!

Steve the tease! We have to wait to see who else came along? Wonderful news! And welcome to Louie. And my goodness, he IS handsome!

So happy that Louie and his traveling companion made it safely. (Can't wait to see the post about the other dog in the van!) I went over to Morgan's house to take pictures and Louie was right there every time, as if saying, "Did you get one of me? Are you sure? How about this angle?" Louie's traveling companion was not so much interested ... as he seems to still be adjusting to his blindness. But every time my camera clicked, he looked at me! Needless to say, I put my camera mode on the multiple shots!
Steve and Alaine -- thank you SO much for taking in these sweet boys. You guys mean so much to Atlanta Beagle Rescue ... we are among your biggest fans! Give them hugs from us!


Louie. . . is . . . adorable!!!

Louie is adorable! Welcome to RDR- Louie- you are one lucky dog!

Congratulations!!! Nice to hear that the voting really does count, and we all know that $ will put to the most WONDERFUL use to care for Louie, and all the RD"F" gang (that will take me some time to get used to your new name).

Belated Happy Mother's Day Alayne. You're the best!

I have found that all dogs know what a camera is.!!!

Welcome, Louie. I'm glad your eyes don't hurt you.

Briggs' spirit is certainly showing.

What an adorable face. He looks like such a little gentleman. So glad you were able to take him in. It does look like he's enjoying his photo shoot. Looks like Widget will have "another beagle in training." And to Alayne, a big Happy Mother's Day!

Welcome home, handsome Louie! You're one lucky guy, that I can tell you!;-)

I can't wait to read about the other "new kid in town"...

Congratulations, Alayne & Steve, on your latest (and well deserved, of course) prize!

Thank you for letting Louie join the Rolling Dog Farm family.:-)

Steve, I think everyone but you and Alayne knew that you won the $1,000 LOL. Congrats!

Sweet Louie you sure are a handsome boy and I can see that you're going to be quite the ham like some of your other new fur-friends :) Your life will be so wonderful from now on, with all the love and care you'll ever need and want! Welcome to RDF!

Is Louie handsome or photogenic too! GREAT news about the shelter challenge! Can't wait until the next blog to see the other new arrival--torture!

I'll be singing, "Louie, Louie" all week now that I've seen this handsome ol' dog. Welcome, Louie! I can't wait to see who else turned up to accompany him.

Louie is an absolute darling! Of course I'm biased, as I love beagles, but he looks like a real beauty. So glad he made it to the ranch, er, farm!

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