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May 03, 2011


Maybe Dusty has some hobbit in him. That's such a cute pic with him in his special place.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

A happy
white dog in a dirty hole. Looks like his name should be "Dirty" not "Dusty"

Compared to the last picture of Dusty in his den from last August it looks like he has been doing some excavating (that or he is getting smaller) He has found his niche.

"They also serve who only sit and wait." Too Cute!

What a cool dog. I like that he knows what he wants.

Well you certainly won't have to worry that Dusty might wander off'll sure know where Dusty will be all summer! You can see how pleased he is to have his den back. Now you'll just have to deal with a very dusty Dusty this summer! :)

At least we know why he's named Dusty - - it's from all the dust he picks up in his favorite lounging spot! :D

Dusty is one of my (many) favorites. It's so cool that he has that favorite spot and that you respect it~
How's the other husky, Mitch?

That Husky Boy---welcome back to Spring Dusty!!!

What a handsome boy he is!! Must be from all that grooming Lu and I did last week!! Heehee. He does look happy and content.

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