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May 12, 2011


Yay Avery - it's your turn to shine !! He stole my heart, please keep us posted with his progress. At least now he will be loved. Thank goodness for Rolling Dog Ranch!

God bless this little boy. The thought that someone could be so cruel to any helpless animal, makes me sick. Thank goodness for Rolling Dog Ranch for their love of animals. Take care and enjoy your life Avery. You are loved.

The stories are sometimes tough to get through, but I do, and most of the time they are with great endings. I've adopted my first senior not really knowing what to expect.....I will do it again in a heartbeat. Next time a senior with a condition. Hell, you people can't be left out there to be the most sensitive ones.
Thanks for the great stories and the showing of your even greater compassion.

Yayyyy! Glad to hear that Avery came through the surgery just fine and that he will now be pain free! Very much looking forward to updates!

Avery, life at the ranch is heaven on earth....enjoy lapping in the luxury! You sooo deserve it, sweet boy!

Thank you for keeping us posted. Especially when the news turns out so well! Glad Avery will be getting his happy back!

Avery, no matter the outcome, could not be in more loving and capable hands. God bless you all, Rolling Dog Ranch.

This little guy stole my heart....

Thank you for "being there" for little friends like Avery. I am so glad you are helping him.
I can easily imagine what nervous wrecks you and Alayne were/are. I admire you two greatly.
Phyllis Snow

So glad to hear the happy news about Avery! Keep us posted please.

SUPER! That is great news!! I can't wait to see pics of the new, pain free Avery. He's so adorable!

Tears of happiness here! Hope no one walks up to my desk (at work) right now. LOL I couldn't help but read ahead as I read your post... "whew!" is right!!!!

Thank goodness! Welcome Avery to a pain free life :)

Hope Avery is feeling much much better! We all love you little guy.

Avery... you are going to be just fine now!!!! Hey, take advantage of the surgery and let Mom and Dad "baby you" for as long as you can do it!!!! Breakfast in bed sounds good, huh? On Dad's lap? Snuggling with Mom? Go for it Avery!!!!

Yahfreakinghooooo! What a relief for him, for you two, for us... Win-win-win!

Happiness is reading this inspiring story about sweet little Avery and hearing about the wonderful help he got from the docs, the tech and of course Mom and Dad - from all at RDF - that very special place for special babies. Have a great weekend!!

I'm so glad Avery came through the surgery!! I was almost as worried as you as I was reading the blog!! I know he will feel sooo much better with his painful eyes removed. I know Levi sure did!! He was a totally different dog after that..calmer and more relaxed!

Welcome Home Avery!!

Yeaaaaa! Atta boy Avery, now you're life is going to be just wonderful!!! You guys are just amazing, bless you!

After locating a new home for Avery, God would not have called him home yet. He wants Avery to enjoy a pain-free life now with his new "Mom & Dad" and all his brothers & sisters. There is so much to explore there for Avery.

Oh relief. Once he is healed and all the vet visits are a thing of the past, he will have to work real hard to remember how his life was before. Rest easy now Avery. Let RDF seep into your bones and breathe the good NH air. Make friends and ENJOY life! (oh, if any Steve, he is the head of the Bedding and Accommodations dept. He'll get you all fixed up. And Alayne is head of Food and Nutrition, she is the one to compliment about the daily menu.)

You guys made the right decision & the result is so good for Avery. When that sweet little boy comes home give him lots of hugs from all of us who love what you do.

I'm so glad Avery came through the surgery so well. And I know it is a relief for y'all as well.

AWESOME News to start the weekend!!!

I felt like skipping to the end of this post, as I was so anxious to read about the outcome of sweet Avery's surgery!

God bless your loving, caring hearts, Steve & Alayne! And congratulations to Dr. Hoy for a job well done.:-)

A huge hug to you all (but to Avery first:-)) from Italy.

What happy news to know that Avery came through the surgery with flying colors and to know that he's no longer in pain!! Looks like he had a wonderful, competent team of doctors watching over his every move before, during and after the operation. Nothing but the best care for everyone at RDF!

Looking forward to the update on Monday. Hope Avery has a restful weekend with you and Alayne :)

No more pain for Avery in so many ways! Thank you for the positive post on Avery!

Wow! I was on the edge of my chair reading your update. I am so happy to read Avery did just wonderful. Prayers that his recovery from the heartworms will be just as swift.

Hallelujah! Thanks for the great news and for doing what your hearts told you was the best thing for that sweet little boy! Looking forward to more posts about him.

Well, now I can exhale, too! I'm so glad Avery did so well under anesthesia.

It's all good from here, little man. Pain free, blind, and with a big family.

The sweet little guy!! Now Widget will really love him.

HURRAH for dear are in such loving arms now, dear boy!! You are one lucky doggie to have such a great mom and stars to you all!

I am crying with relief that Avery doesn't have to hurt anymore. I certainly felt the worry you two felt over the decision you made but that's why you get paid the big money!! :) :)

That boy is wondering how he landed in the pot of jam known as RDR and he doesn't even know how good it's going to get!! Way to go!!

Puppy Kisses All Around...

Yikes! Thank you for sharing this ordeal with us. What an anxious day you all had.

I am so happy to hear that Avery went through the surgery so smoothly. What a guy!

The relief that he must be feeling already is huge. I'm sure he knows that he is getting help for all his problems now.

Get lots of rest sweet Avery. You have many fun adventures ahead of you.

YAY!! I was holding my breath while I was reading your post! Thank you so much for helping this sweet boy!

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