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May 19, 2011


Glad she is doing well, I'm so happy she is loved and cared for so well. And as for a pirate name, how about Grace? Grace O'Malley was known as the Pirate Queen of Ireland long ago. I think Snuggles qualifies as a queen.

Thanks so much for the update, Ellen. How wonderful to know that Snuggles is now cancer free! Thank you for being such a wonderful "mom" and taking such good care of her!

That is just a great picture of Snuggles. glad to hear she is going so well. Widget is indeed another pirate. I'm sure she had a Jolly Rodger hidden by one of her (many) beds. She is just biding her time until she raises it over the RDF as part of her takeover.

Whew! I am so thrilled to hear that Snuggles has come through her cancer surgery and recovery with flying colors. It's wonderful that she was adopted by a veterinarian as wonderful as Ellen and is getting the best of care.

I love the picture of Pirate Snuggles. Can't get much cuter than that! Ellen, please keep us updated on Snuggles!

Oh Snuggles. Sweet baby. May you mend perfectly and have many happy years ahead, matey! And as for you Widget, you go girl!

Great story and God surely was looking out for Snuggles when she needed adopting! Joy to everyone!

It seems Snuggles was fated to be sent to the right places at the right times...RDR then to her new mom who is really qualified to get her the best help she would need. "aarrghhh, ye've found ye a right nice home matey, heal well and feel great".

Snuggles is a lucky dog to have Ellen! I'm so glad Snuggles has recovered so well, and is enjoying her pirate life to the fullest!

Widget, you had better give Snuggles her day - she's too cute a pirate not to have it - and "cute pirate" is saying a lot --- I love the name "Snuggles."

What a an adorable photo! I hope Snuggles continues to do well-- will keep her in our prayers.

Barbara & Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Snuggles looks just like Penelope Cruz in the latest "Pirates" movie coming out with Johnny Depp. Watch out Penelope, you have a rival....Aarrgh! :) :) Rum all around, Me Hearties!

Love to Snuggles and Ellen.

Snuggles is cancer free now. She will get her third melanoma vaccine next week. The vaccine should increase her survival to 3 years instead of 1 year. She teaches me daily to go for what you want!

It's so great to see our precious Snuggle with just the right "mommy"....

Always heart warmimg to hear the stories of our precious ones, always ending up with just the right forever home and family!

Ellen, you are a great mom to this sweetheart, and you have a good sense of humor too!

Snuggles looks far too sweet to be a "real" pirate!;-)

Thank you for the great news about this darling girl. Is she cancer free now?

Thank you, Ellen, for taking such good care of Snuggles.

I look forward to a similar photo of Widget...;-)

Thank you Ellen for taking such good care of Snuggles---so glad she was adopted by you!

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