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April 12, 2011


I vote every day for you!

I didn't know you had moved!! I am always telling people how much I admire your place you had in Montana. If I ever win the lottery, yes I play!, I want to do something like yours~with all types of dogs. I think ya'll are AWESOME!

What a wonderful life Bailey has with you two! And what incredible patience, dedication and love you give all your charges.

Oh how they brighten our days! So sweet of you Alayne. And I sure wish I was working with a pup on my lap or @ my side. :) This is why we all vote for you!

You guys sure know how to love your dogs!

Bailey is one lucky pooch! Not only is he "riding in Style" he has a beautiful chauffer! This is a definite advantage to not being a large dog. Enjoy your "road trips" Bailey!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

For both of you....

Made his, hers, and many other of those of us who read the post's, day.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! :-)

What an adorable picture :) What a great way to start each day for Bailey and Alayne...nothing better than a sweet dog to sit and hang out with!

That is the sweetest thing he must look forward to it every day. There's no way he can use one of those special wheel chairs. what a great story.

My favorite Rolling Dog post so far!

Bailey reminds me a lot of my little Bogie... same face...same expression... even the same "needing a towel" problem! Sweet Bailey! Going to give my Bogie a special road trip tonight!

Bailey is absolutely right!! Someone has to supervise the tasks performed by his staff, isn't it?

You got to love that doxie face. Our two girls would love to be carried around!

Sharyn in GA (mom to Maggie May and Katie Scarlett)

What a wonderful picture of Bailey and how thoughtful of his "Mommy" to realize he'd like a tour. Roo and I sit together working on the computer together quite often. I don't know which of us is more comforted.

AWWWW Bailey - what a beautiful little face with those huge soulful eyes - what a treat to be held by your sweet and loving Mom - I have always been intrigued by the saying "catbird seat" - well you've got the dogbird seat,right? I know you make email sorting way more interesting. Hugs to you and Alayne(your co-worker :):)

SO sweet -- both on the part of Alayne and Bailey! :)

You continue to impress me with the joy you bring and the dignity with which you treat your precious animals. Bailey has always been one of my favourites - I love his pluck. I still chuckle over his antics with Mr. Caterpillar - hey whatever happened to Mr. C? Did he survive to make the move to NH?

This is soooooooooooo sweet! And that face- I could smooch Bailey all over. I could relate to the snuggling of a doxie and how comforting it is not only for the doxie, but for the human as well. :)
I just loved this photo and post... gave my heart warm fuzzies!

Love this post and picture! What a way to start the day!

What a sweetie! I love that face.

Couldn't have said it better than everyone else already has. What a great treat for Bailey to get a road trip. No one wants to sit in just one place all day, especially if everyone else gets to run around. I know Bailey appreciates his tour and I'm sure it makes him feel special - like he is!

Alayne, thanks for taking on the road trip. What a special outing for you both.

What an adorable mug. I'm sure this is the highlight of little Bailey's day.

Reading about Bailey's "road trip" brought tears of joy and tenderness to my eyes!

Thank you so much, Alayne, for making Bailey feel special and deeply loved. I'm sure he adores his sweet angel (and travel agent:-)) right back.

You go Bailey!!!

Oh my gosh--that is so CUTE!

That's a very sweet and happy face lighting up a very sweet and happy post. How dear of you, Alayne, to give Bailey his daily tour, then to have him for your "laptop" while working on your computer. I wish we had a picture of that, too.
I imagine Bailey thinks he's being good to you in allowing you to take him around the house and for a long cuddle.

Oh how cute is that! Alayne, you are so thoughtful of little teeny short legs. So Bailey, what's the weather like up there??

I think it's so sweet of you to consider that Bailey might need a change of scenery! I'm sure he loves that ritual with Alayne. Nothin' better than a good road trip! :-)

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