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April 26, 2011


We just received your newsletter in the mail. Wonderful. It was great to see Katie, her whole little self. I am not sure I have seen her face b4. What a cutie pie she is!! (we usually only see her and her brother all snuggled up together, also cute) Thank you for sending the newsletter.

We've been in Whitefield N.H. 10 years. We have 5 acres of property (80% heavily wooded) We've seen Black Bear (from Canada via Maine)Moose,White Tailed Deer, Red Foxes,Coyotte Wild Turkey,Rabbit,Snakes and a variety of insects up close and personal. Enjoy!

Didn't the Easter Bunny come around? OMG, I thought twice before posting this, and it's done. Please, kill me...

I was really happy to read that you and Alayne love the new location in NH.

Since almost everything you write about is about the animals, I sometimes wondered if you missed Montana.

What a beautiful place. Having the wildlife is truly an added bonus and I'm glad you guys enjoy it so much.
Thanks for sharing so many different aspects of life at RDR.

Cool. We live in rural SC and have nightly visitors too. They wander through the property about 11 every evening. We always know because our mini schnauzer puppy runs out to bark at them. She's such a threat.

We also have cicadas. Do you have them up north? Every 13 years or so they make an appearance and crank up the orchestra. The sound they make is just like the sound effects in those 1950s movies about space ships landing. It's an odd humming sound.

Not only the dogs, horses and a few cats you also have turkeys, deer, geese, ducks, frogs...Can I come live on your property?? RDR is a little slice of heaven on earth. You are so lucky. (any skunks?? maybe a new AnnieAndrew)

It is very nice when you get to have different creatures stop by to visit. I'm sure the deer are anxiously awaiting the apples. Also, congratulations on receiving the grant as this week's winner in the shelter challenge. Every little but helps. And I've been wanting to ask, you were just joking when you said in an earlier post that you were going to change the name of the sanctuary to Rolling Dog Farm, weren't you? I hope so. You may be in New Hampshire, but you can still be a ranch!

In AZ have frogs or toads that are very toxic to animals. Chewing on or even just licking them is very toxic. I know Of one case that sent the dogs temperature soaring. They saved him but it was close. The reaction happens very quickly.
I know you will check into this and protect your guys. Also with the Spring thaw and warm sun the snakes come out.
Yeah for Lucy.
Did Alayne see the potato peeling video? It would save her so much time and work. No tools required.

How wonderful to be surrounded by all that beauty of nature every day! Sounds lovely to be able to sit out on the deck and really enjoy it :)

you live in such a beautifull place. The sights and sounds of the wildlife and the way you talk about your little pond and the frogs, I wish i was there to see and here all the beauty of the animals and the forest, you are so lucky to be there where it is pieceful and beautifull..Love to you both...

Lovely! You mean you two actually sat down for a minute--I don't believe it! :-)

For you and the animals protection I hope your property is fenced and posted no hunting.

I'm sure it is but just want to be safe. It's a lot different there than it was out in Ovando.

Be safe everyone!

Peepers! They're a sure sign of spring! Glad you are liking NH.

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