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April 03, 2011


Please add this to my comment I just sent (I accidently hit post)

If my house was a little bit bigger.....Do they make a bed bigger than king size?

I understand your reluctance and applaud you in following your instincts. I have two standard poodles who are bed hogs-- Scooter weighs in at 72 pounds and Igmo has topped out at 38 pounds. A big difference, so I kinda understand the size question, but the picture tells it all.

They are both sooooo beautiful, wish we could give them a home. We now have 2 dogs, one handicapped from FCE and now uses Walking Wheels. Also, one cat. Hope they fine wonderful homes. Continue to follow your gut instinct, it is usually the right one. Bless you for what you do.

If someone sees the girls for adoption on Petfinder, would they know to check out this site and just perhaps see this blog? I hope you didn't give anyone a clue to want the girls for strange reasons but know not to ask about height and weight. I realize that the longer time goes this blog will be archived and they aren't likely to see it, but just a worry wanting the best the lovely ladies.

I guess it's the cynic in me, but I had the same first gut feeling Gena had about laboratories inquiring about the dogs. You two have such great instincts, I'm sure you'll find just the right home for the poodle sisters.

The rental housing requirement for pets might just explain those odd questions but I can't help but wonder if people might not realize they are "altered" and trying to adopt a pure-bred in order to breed them??? Maybe I am crazy, just seemed weird for so many people to ask the same questions unless maybe it was the same person using different 46, I am a bit of a cynic I suppose!

(Place tongue in cheek, before reading.) But the picture doesn't really show their height, because we don't know how tall Alayne is, from her knees, up.

I'm also glad you didn't let the girls go to any of those four. I would be sad that you are putting them out there, except that, if they are adopted, you will be able to take two more animals who really need you.

They're wonderful. With a blind Appaloosa (thanks to your advice from about 6 years ago, he's great) and a one eye'd Newfoundland, we're not afraid of a little sight problem. If I wasn't clear across the country, I'd be sorely tempted.

I remember the blog entry and pictures when the 2 girls first came to RDR.

How far they have come!!

I know they are having a wonderful life with you and if the timing is right for them to find the perfect home, I know it will happen.

Beautiful poodle twosome and beautiful Mom. Glad you are following your gut feeling about responders. I hope Trooper is having some flirtatious fun!!

I have loved these girls since the 1st time I saw them. I would so loved to have them!!!! However we have 5 dogs now and 3 of them in the house so I can't add two more to the house dogs but if I had the room I would have tried to get them a long time ago. The question thing is weird as you say. My first question would be how soon could we get the adoption done. I would get them whatever dog food, toys, medical care they needed. I'm thinking they wouldn't fit in our bed though....HAHAHA

Oh, I would take these 2 wonderful girls in a minute just like I would have taken Spencer and Katie! Any dogs in my house are my "kids" and they are spoiled and loved to death :)

Someday I am hoping to be able to adopt one of your wonderful dogs but that won't be for a while, since Angel (my one who isn't too happy about new dogs) is only 7 and I hope I have many more years with her. If it was just my Tara (she loves everyone), I would have already taken someone home!

Although it is very true that most apartment complexes have weight and height reqirements (when I lived in an apartment and was adopting Tara I had to abide by those rules), I am glad that you had that sixth sense. If it was me emailing you and that was the reason I was asking those questions, I would have made that clear right up front. Otherwise, I can't think of a single good reason to ask about that. The girls aren't going into the show ring!

I hope Molly and Priscilla get a wonderful forever home with people who just want to love matter how much they weigh or how tall they are!

Good instincts.

Unfortunately for me the apartment complex I live in only allows dogs that are 25 pounds or, I do ask about weight. But, I think I could tell that they probably weighed more than the weight restrictions at my complex.

Maybe there will be a day when I can adopt one of your babies...

Now you just stop it with the "no-good two-timing hound dog" stuff. Trooper believes in spreading the love around, that's all. Leave my home boy alone! :-)

What a beautiful photo! I hope they find a wonderful home!

Although you love them all to pieces I know these two sisters have a special place in your heart. Keep that six sense and let's see if that truly "perfect" adoption is waiting for these two fabulous girls.

My first question about them would be: Do they prefer rubber squeak toys or stuffed squeak toys ;) Rawhide bones or pig ears? Such sweetie pies.

Whoever adopts them will be very very lucky. Having bonded dogs is a very special (and incredibly fun)experience.

PS - LOL......

Bob and I have often talked about adopting one or more of your blind dogs..... what an honor and privilege it would be to provide them with love and attention.

At this point in our lives, however, we are limiting ourselves to one special little "half-blind" girl - ROXIE!

Bless her heart, she's blind in one eye and has moderate cataract in the other. She has no clue she's sight challenged!

And now she has the distinct label of IVDD dachshund as well after her back surgery last summer.

It's amazing, really, how little extra effort is required to care for dogs with 'special needs' isn't it? When you love them to pieces, nothing is too much to do for them.

A slurpy face-licking is worth all the effort, and a leisurely lay-down in the dog bed with her is sublime.

How much joy you two must get from helping your band of furry kids!

Perhaps in the future, when we have a home and property more suitable for multiple lind/special needs dogs we will be emailing you.

And we won't be asking height, weight and do they shed? We'd be asking 'who needs the most love, who needs the most spoiling, who might benefit from a quiet home with two older soppy dog-lovers?......

How it pains me to even say this out loud, but labs often are looking for dogs of certain sizes and weights for experimentation purposes......

I am sick to my stomach thinking anyone would do that to an animal of any kind but to these two sweet girls???

I'm beyond glad that you two had the sixth sense to realize something wasn't right.... I would expect nothing less from you and Alayne and you never disappoint!

In my mind, all dogs who are adopted/rescued deserve a life of luxury and love. Our beloved Roxie the Doxie is pampered and coddled - this gives us as much joy as it gives her so we come out even steven!

Hugs to you two for what you do, and hugs to the Poodle Princesses, Molly and Priscilla.

I think my first questions would have to run along the lines much of the bed do the 2 of them take up (ie: will I ever get any room to roll over), do the eat once or twice a day (to keep them on the same schedule), do they like stuffy toys, do they do ok on a leash, do you think they would mind sharing a house with a cat or 2 and most important would they get along ok with a 7 year old animal lover??? Who cares what they weigh or how tall they are. Look at them! That is how tall they are. They are 2 beautiful poodles. I would love to have them but the reality of life is I cannot, and I am sad for that fact. If I could, my questions would all be for their comfort and easing into a new home. Good for you Steve and Alayne, if someone seems a little strange, best to keep a hold on them. They would do well in their own home but for now they are doing great just where they are till the right home comes along, and it will.

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