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April 28, 2011


Dear Lori, I hope my joke about a Beatles-style haircut didn't hurt your feelings. I was just being silly. You've done wonders with the RDR crew. I like best the photos of you and the poodle sisters from a couple of weeks ago. You're a great groomer!

Fuzzy and Clyde are really cute! I'm a mobile dog groomer myself and I have found there is a special bond that is formed during the grooming, even though most dogs don't like the whole procedure. They all seem to feel better and love me afterward, including the ones who hide from me before!

I love your site (just found it) and your mission and will definitely vote for you at the Shelter Challenge. Thanks for all you do for the animals!

I actually like the 2nd photo best :) and envy Lori's great pals. How sweet! Reminds me... I need that spring clean up, too!

Yikes! Looks like little Fuzzy is wearing a bad Beatles wig! LOL
Still the cutest pair around though.

"...Fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he." But he sure is cute and probably enjoying the lighter feel. They are both adorable! Nice to see the poodle sisters saying hi to Lori (probably filling her in on all the new gossip from RDR).
PS...Those bangs kill me, too funny!!

Oh my! How cute are they! They both look wonderful - Lori does a really nice job with everyone. And it's good to see Clyde coming out of his shell. He's such a cutie!

They always look like puppies after haircuts.

OMG....I am in love!

Congrats on a job well done, Lori! Your clients all look adorable!:-)

As for Clyde coming out of his shell, I can only think of the power of love... Works every time!:-)

A huge hug to you all from Italy.

Too adorable for words! Clyde is one handsome dude and Fuzzy...well, I am really diggin' the rock and roll look!

Thanks, Lori for making everyone look mahhhvelous! :)

A D O R A B L E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW.....Fuzzy does look like a totally different pooch!! Cute as a button, they both are. Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather.

I love that Beatles haircut, Fuzzy! Clyde, you're as adorable as you can be!
Well done, Lori!
Happy spring weekend to one and all!

Fuzzy's bangs are killing me!!

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