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April 19, 2011


I remember when Kate adopted Luke. He's looking great! What a treat for him to have Pearl around and she seems to love him already, as evident by her visit to the Vet. Great adoption story Kate! Wishing you more and more joy and happy stories to share with us...

Luke, Pearl, and Kate: I love your beautiful family!! You guys are perfect for eachother.

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! I have my mother and rolling dog ranch to thank for exposing me and encouraging me to open my home and heart to disabled and senior pets. These folks set a great example for me and all of us really. Thank you Mom and Rolling Dog!

How wonderful that Luke was able to calm Pearl down at the vet office with meerly his calm presence. One can only imagine the trauma that Pearl experienced from the lost of her former human and fellow pet family. Luke has become her anchor for a new life with he and Kate. Kate, you have once again done a wonderful thing by adopting a pet who was in need. God bless you.

I LOVE this picture! Pearl is a beautiful little girl and looks like she has settled in very well with her new buddy, so content. He looks like he is listening to make sure nothing happens to his new girlfriend. Beautiful picture.

Updates like this just make me smile. What a wonderful story for Pearl and Luke!! And Kate, you are a very special person, not to mention lucky to have two such animals in your life!

What a darling twosome - Thank you Kate, RDR and all connected for giving these sweethearts such happy lives. This beautiful picture captures their peacefulness.

Dittos to the last comment from Marla. :-)

Oh Kate, how lucky you are! Pearl looks like she and Luke have been buddies for years. I am so glad they both now have a friend of the furry kind. This post started my day on a wonderful note. Senior pets are just more life experienced and most times make even better pets. Congratulation to all 3 of you. Smiles and hugs to all. (very nice to see Luke again, we missed seeing that big boy)

Couch buddies! Looks like they've been pals forever. The old "I've got your back if you've got mine." Excellent photo!

Thanks, Kate, for this wonderful update on Luke and his new BFF Pearl. They look so content together on that comfy couch :)

Thanks for having given Luke a forever home a few years ago and for giving Pearl a new forever home and a new friend in her senior years!

Kate, you're truly an angel for adopting lovely Pearl! The photo of her with Luke on the couch is priceless! What a sweet couple...:-)

May the three of you spend many happy years together.

Hip Hip Hooray for Kate W, Luke and Pearl. I love hearing about Senior adoptions. Double hooray for NH SPCA.

Yay! For adopting a SENIOR animal (in addition to already adopting a "disabled" animal). They definitely bonded immediately. Hugs to all of you!!!!!

[Last year I adopted two "disabled" rats from the MSPCA. One had micropthalmia (one eye that didn't form and grow normally; the other eye is fine) and the second rat's "disability" was that he was old. That's MY disability, too, BTW. ;-)]

God bless Kate W. for not only adopting a special needs dogs but also a senior citizen cat!! I work with cats at a local rescue and it seems everyone wants the young ones. I always feel especially bad for the older animals who have been in a home all their lives that end up in the shelter for various reasons. I hope everyone who reads this will make solid plans for their pets should they become incapacitated or pass away. It could happen to any of us at any time so it takes proactive planning to make sure our beloved furbabies do not spend their final days scared and alone.

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