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April 24, 2011


Another great family match!! Awesome photos and great story detail. I hope Vicky's boss let's her bring Lucy to work at least a couple days a week. Can we get a petition going for you Vicky!?! ; ))
Best of luck and many years of joy.

Well, if that isn't happiness on everyone's part I don't know what is! Lucy is a lucky girl in a great new loving home :)

This makes my heart happy :)

What lovely, heartwarming pictures and words!

Isn't just wonderful that Lucy has found such a great forever home?

May she spend many happy hours in Vicky's and Kendall's loving arms...

Wow ... she couldn't have gone to a better family!!!

Totally precious! Makes the day even brighter reading amazing stories like these.

Such a great update - thanks!!!

Just heard some great news from NY State - they have a bill in congress to name a "State Dog" - like a state flower, etc... and they have picked the RESCUE DOG.

As the companion of a rescue dog and a rescue cat, and a supporter of this wonderful RDR, I think that's awesome.

Thank you Vicky, for the pictures and update. We RDR followers are very invested in these animals, and it makes us so happy to see their "forever" homes and families! Enjoy sweet Lucy!

Kendall's smile is pure joy and hapiness!!! I bet she is herding Lucy... :) :) :)

OH! did you all see how close we are to the shelter that is ahead of us in votes?? Please if ya'll really try to vote every day we will inch ahead and help out Lucy's friends still at RDR. I would love to see RDR move up another place up. Thanks.

Oh, I love a happy ending!! BUT, this is also a happy begining, I love those too. Any way you look at it everyone lucked out this time!! (except maybe the dog bone less 70# greyhound....although he did gain a new doggie friend).
Congratulations to all. We send you many blessings. Anne & Jennifer

Priceless! So incredibly heart-warming to see how wonderfully Lucy's blending into her new family. You are all wonderful and so lucky, :)

I love, love, love,love this story and precious pictures. Kendall and Lucy were made for each other. They should be on the cover of a pet magazine. Thank you Vicky, Kendall, Alayne and Steve et al for this storybook ending. P.S. I hope Fawn got another bone :)

Another happy ending.

You know when people are willing to send pictures and stay in touch that you've probably found a perfectly wonderful adoptive home.


It's amazing when an animal finally reaches the people they were meant to be with.

Such a sweet happy ending!

What a GREAT way to start the week! Seems like everybody has hit the jackpot! Love this blog update--it warms my heart beyond belief! Thank you RDR, Kendall and Vicky!

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