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April 07, 2011


Makes me miss mine! I had to give them up when I moved across country last year!

I want to thank you so much for posting about your golden oldies. Just a few weeks a go I had to put my senior Lab/retriever to sleep. After years of struggling with cancer, it was more than her body could handle. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but I have been reading your blog for years and it really helped me cope with her death. I love seeing your oldies and although they get disoriented and don't see or hear like they used to, their love for life is so great to see!!

Oh, how I can identify with this post! I'm severely hearing impaired -- partly from birth and partly from age -- and I can SO relate to Madison's spinning around trying to locate the sound! I had a deaf white cat years ago that arrived on my doorstep as a stray. I think I talked to that boy more than all my cats put together.

Beautiful story! We all hope thata in our "golden years" to be cared for so lovingly. It warms the heart to know there are angels watching out for these two. Hugs, kisses, and an extra dog treat to the golden oldies!

Jeez, that should have read "deaf dog."
I shudder to think what Freud would make of that.

Your post made me laugh. I've got two senior dogs, both partially deaf. I still slip up and yell for them to come back in and then think, "How dumb are you for yelling at a deaf dong?" LOL

Beautiful. All of it.

Thank you for sharing this picture of Cedar and Madison. This shows the pure contentment of these 2 "golden oldie" friends.

Nice to see Cedar again, I still giggle when I see him remembering the post when the dogs were being loaded up for the trip east and Alayne had a word or 2 with Cedar about not peeing on the transport vehicle. hee hee hee, Must admit, it was a nice BIG thing to aim for.

It delights me to see comfort in a cozy blankie, especially when shared by such sweethearts. May we all have such comfort and understanding care as we all age! Thanks for sharing. Sweet dreams C & M!

These 2 sweethearts look comfortable, peaceful and HAPPY - the status quo at RDR. Hope we will see them snoozing for a long time to come.

They look completely content - so great to see!

Beautiful seniors!!!

Oh the peace and trust these two show sleeping peacefully together. What a lovely picture. I notice how often the blind and hard of hearing ones tend to sleep touching someone else. I remember a post long ago where you told how much Madison liked to go for rides on the 4 wheeler all around the MT ranch. I have loved her from when you got her. Bless you for taking such great care of all the old dogs and giving them that sense of peace and safety. Karma, goes around, comes around. Thank you Steve and Alayne.

Until there's appetite, there's hope!;-)

Cedar and Madison look so peaceful... Just adorable! Is there anything sweeter, in the whole wide world, than an aging dog?:-)

Please give those two a huge Italian hug from me, will you?

I must be a very old dog because I've been in that "daffy stage" for a long time now! This is a lovely portrait of two golden beauties. It's a rare treat to see Cedar, and Madison is just so darned cute! Thank you for this Friday post.

Two TRULY awesome dogs--they are so special! LOVE THEM BOTH!

I'm about ready to curl up on the blankie with them! What a life! They are adorable.

I have a golden oldie also, except she's black. She's 14 and 1/2, my very first dog after a life of being indifferent towards dogs. Needless to say, she changed my life. Currently she's showing me how to age with grace.

Kisses to Madison and Cedar.

I hope I have a comfy blanket in a warm room when I get old and "daffy." This is the good life. Kisses on their little noses.

What a lovely photo of these two. Just can't beat the seniors! They are the best. Four of mine are also "double digits" and they too are in the mellow, daffy stage. They delight me everyday with their antics and I am honoured to be "owned" by them.

Sweet boys! Love them. Hey guys, it's okay to be in that "daffy stage".... you're at Rolling Dog Ranch! Life is really good there.

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