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April 17, 2011


What a wonderful story! Hooray for Vicky and her family, Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary and most importantly sweet, precious's just a great story all around!

After reading this, the rest of the day is going to be great! So Happy for Lucy!!!
I get to pick up my 2 Springer rescue dogs on Saturday. I'm so excited!

Congratulations to Lucy and her new family! It appears this is a match made in heaven! Thank you Rolling Dog Ranch for the wonderful work you do on behalf of these sweet beings. The love and affection they are shown shows through in the pictures you have posted. Keep up the great work!

I could swear Lucy is smiling in both of those photos!! I love updates like these! I hope Vicky will continue to update all of us on Lucy! So pleased that she is in such a loving forever home!

How wonderful! It's always a joy to read that one of the gang is going to a loving forever home. And now our girl will have a girl of her own to snuggle with. Lucky Lucy, indeed!

Vicky, please keep us updated on how Lucy is doing!

So happy to read a story like this. And, everyone looks so happy!!!

Oh my goodness - reading this made me very happy - knowing about the love and care that made these beautiful pictures and story possible.Vicky's got this little girl transitioning in style and I hope we can see a picture of the sweet little girl snuggling with precious Lucy. Thank you Steve, Alayne, Vicky and new family! Have fun, little Lucy.

Dreams do come true! What a wonderful home/family for Lucy. I am so choked up with happiness for you all reading this. All the best.

and ps: is it just me, or does Lucy's pink tummy match her lovely new coat! Happy snuggling.

I don't know who looks happier, Vicky or Lucy. Lucy looks so pleased in Vicky's arms and Vicky looks like she is bursting with love. I'm so glad for both of you

Oh Snuggle bug - we are so happy for you. Wishing you all lots of fun adventures in your new home.

To Vicky and her sure to keep us posted with pictures.

I have "Loved Lucy" ever since I laid eyes on her. She came in right after I adopted Roo and we thought her gorgeous!! She is indeed, "pretty in pink", but it's merely guilding the lily, or in this case, "THE" Lucy. Everyone is a winner in this situation!!!

Lots of Puppy Kisses and Snuggles,
Roo and Her Minion

What a way to start the day by reading this wonderful news about Lucy... now my heart is all warm and fuzzy. Thanks!

What a heart-warming story! Thanks for sharing it.

I just love, love, love to read posts such as this one!!!

I'm simply overjoyed for Lucy, Vicky and her daughter (Lucy looks very pretty in pink, btw:-))!

Is there a better way to start a brand new week than reading a happy ending story?:-)

A HUGE hug to you all from Italy.

Way to go Lucy! Pink all the way! A new little girl to snuggle with, you are "Lucky Lucy" for sure. I hope the "Beagle Brigade" gave you a loud resounding woo-woo!

Yayyyyy! Lucy gets adopted into a wonderful home with other precious critters and her own human to snuggle with in bed! What a wonderful story!

Well, I guess it wasn't meant to be for us!! Lucy is such a fabulous dog!! What a GREAT addition she will bring to his family!! Talk about a snuggle bug!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for Lucy!!!!!

What an AWESOME thing for beautiful Miss Lucy to find a forever home with all kinds of new furry pals and a little girl to dote on her to boot!!

yeah lucky lucy. congratulations lucy!! I love hearing that you got adopted!! I am excited for you.

Oh Yeah!! Lucky Lucy!! I about cried when I read this post. Tears of happiness for little Lucy. What a lucky girl...both of them, Lucy and Vicky's daughter. It sounds like Lucy will have lots of built in friends of many different species. I like that, it keeps life interesting. Hugs go out to Steve and Alayne for being there to take in Lucy, to Vicky for giving Lucy a new home and to Vicky's daughter for giving up bed space to a wonderful little dog. Blessings to all.

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