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April 21, 2011


Ahhhh....the soft life! Have a very blessed Easter - you and all the precious animals.

adorable and adorable = doubly adorable

Looks like a muffin - with a bit of a lump on the top - a giant doggie muffin. Adorable. :) Happy Easter!!

It makes so much sense to always travel with your pillow.

They are so cute and lovable that I would adopt them if I could, but I already have three dachshunds. One is just not enough!

I love Mauro's comment!! And I love Katie & Spencer! xxoo

If these 2 dont get adopted soon I will be amazed. They are so cute and so bonded. Please dont even think of splitting them up, they are 1 dog in 2 bodies. VERY CUTE.

"another way to use my brother" should be a song to the tune of "50 ways to leave your lover". Please post the rest of the lyrics as soon as you have invented them :)

I never get tired of seeing pictures of Spencer and Katie. No matter what position they sleep in it's nothing short of adorable!

I've personally seen quite a few dogs and cats that have a close bond but I don't think I've ever seen one as close as the one that Spencer and Katie share...all the pictures tell the story of how inseparable they are and I think it's wonderful!

My brother, my pillow, my blanket, my couch... my love.

DOUBLE cutes!!!!

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