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March 29, 2011


If someone was making burger and tatties for me, I'd be licking their feet!!! Could you put it on a bun?

Love that Dexter!!!

My mini pin rescue, Mr. Wiggins, presses his noses into the back of my knee when he wants something. Renaldo, the little chi/dach mix, who looks just like Dexter (whom I adore) except with chi ears, quietly clears his throat and stays near me, moving just enough so I know he wants something. Plus I get the stare with super alert eyes.

We know Alayne could never resist those faces and not sneak them a tidbit or two. Looking cute usually works! I love Goldie's attention getting method. She's a smart cookie!

I guess this is the "on yo leg" version of "in yo face" - kind of reminds me of the looming technique with an adaptation for the kitchen. Hope these cuties got some tasty tidbits.

Good heavens, if someone was cooking like that for me, Alayne would have my nose stuffed against her leg, too!

Home cooked meals for one dog is work enough. I applaud you for cooking for the whole crew. No wonder everyone is so happy!

Too Funny!!

OK, how smart is Goldie that she has a method to get what she wants? Funny how smart and inventive animals can be. And not to mention cute as they're doing it.

They give us love without expecting anything in return. Yes? No? Hmmmm...

You cant fault them for trying. They have been spending too much time in front of The Food Channel and really want to try some recipes of their own (every time you have to scrape them off the outside doors is when the good grilling shows are on!!!)

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