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March 15, 2011


Do you ever use plain canned pumpkin in the dog's food? Our dogs are on the "pumpkin diet".. they have some weight issues, and the pumpkin helps..
Anyway every fall I spend a week processing pumpkin and canning it for the year. The dogs love it.

Not surprised the dogs love the new diet. My dog is always happy to eat, but I noticed a definite uptick in excitement when I started feeding him homemade. Proof that the commercial food just can't match up in terms of taste or satisfaction.

Do you peel the potatoes? That would be a LOT of work. You'd need some army privates to help you with that. :)

Steve, what is your recipe? I have two rescue Labradors, Sadie is 11 and Daisy is 16. I would really like to start making my own food for them. Any help would be great. my email is If you have time, thanks. Diana

I LOVE cooking for my dogs! They seem to enjoy it more. I saw an episode of "It's Me or the Dog" where Victoria had the people heat up their dog's food before he ate it. (They were having trouble getting their finicky dog to eat.) Heating the food up solved the issue. Apparently dogs love stinky food - the stinkier the better. Heating the food up makes it stink more. When I cook for my dogs and serve it to them right then and there...they couldn't be happier!

The thought you put into your lives and the lives of those who count on you is amazing. You certainly think all the way thru and around issues before implementing them, impressive. I'm sure a diet as good as this one sounds cuts your vet bills by building healthier little bodies. Great job. Way to go. I for one am impressed and always wondering how you get it all done in 24 hours a day. is Bridgers nose healing up? And Sams ear?

Kitchen Aids Forever!

Kudos to you on the thoughtful post (and approach) to the humanely raised cattle. It's the most adult and honest thing I think I've seen on the subject.

I also thought when I read super-duper mixer that it would be this giant thing and not a countertop one lol. As long as it's durable, strong and does its job that's all that matters!

That's definitely quite a load of spuds! It's great that you have a wonderful family farm nearby to get them from. :)

Soon there will be four-legged "couch potatoes" in the house, asking for more "chips" NOW!!!

I honestly don't know how you two have time to sleep! BTW, the kitchen looks really nice!

Bon appetit! We sometimes think our Golden eats better than we do, but what an incredible difference it made in his weight, energy level, and appearance when I started cooking for him. We use 1/3 barley + 1/3 turkey/chicken liver/sardines/canned salmon/hamburger,+ 1/3 green veggie(collard/spinach/kale/green bean/peas)and yellow(pumpkin/sweet potato/squash). He gets vitamins, cod liver oil and glucosamine suuplements. It isn't cheap, but the change in our 12+ boy is tremendous. Hope your clan does well.

That is a lot of potatoes to cook and mash everyday.

Now *that's* a lotta taters! I was impressed by the two fifty-pound bags of potatoes I bought last year, but this is really impressive. I expected your mixer to be the size of a washing machine, considering how much work it has to do.

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