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March 27, 2011


Are they double-dapple?

You bring up a good point about Katie and Spencer -- that they don't know they're "disabled." Like us, we can accomplish so much when people aren't pointing out our 'limitations'.

How lucky someone will be who gets to bring these two sweethearts into their lives! I adore the pictures of them laying together.

Would Alayna share her dogfood recipe with us??
Thank you for all you do.

I think a video of the 2 doing what you described - being impossibly cute would help. I am a Dachshundist, but have a 16 yr old so now is not the time. Wish I could.
I think videos of lots of the dogs would help people see that they are not disabled. Just differently abled.

They must absolutely stay together. They function as one big dog.

I have never seen a dog that looks anything like Baron until these two came to the ranch. Maybe Baron is a long lost sibling!! I hope these precious babies make it to a forever home full of love and playtime.

I agree with everyone- they are SO dear, and bonded, and only wish I had the right situation... It's a great idea posting to the blog. I am sure more of your RDR miracles will happen.

I like Linda's "requirement" for mandatory updates.

Those 2 are a couple of sweethearts.

I felt a bit sad initially thinking of them leaving RDR, but in the bigger picture I know that they will only be going to their most perfect home and that 2 new residents will then be arriving in their place.

Hoping for warm sunny weather for you all this coming week.

I sure hope that when you write,"we want them to stay together" translates into we "insist" they stay together!
Precious babies - I hope a (fortunate) RDR reader nabs 'em! Wish it could be me. :-)

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be able to bring them home with me! One of my 2 dogs is not a happy camper when other dogs come over, so unfortunately, I can't bring another furkid into my home until the day she's not with me anymore.

But oh my, if I could I'd adopt Spencer and Katie in a heartbeat! I hope they find a wonderful forever home with a loving family very soon and that this family will keep in touch with RDR with updates!

Please put a condition on any potential adoption that updates for the rest of use are mandatory! They are impossibly cute and sweet. The world may be a quiet, dark place but it's full of love and happiness.

I'd like to have them all...
Love everywhere!

It seems kind of funny to think of finding them a "forever" home since I think of RDR as a "forever" home. But I understand and know that you vet, very carefully, your residents' potential new homes.

Still, it made me a little sad. But not if they stay toge6her. They've got to stay together.

Best wishes to Kate and Spencer and to all the RDR pets who need permanent homes! I saw that Smilin' Sam was available for adoption, but I also saw that she needs a home without other pets. That was my problem, you see, I have pets. I was very sorry about that because she's obviously a sweetheart.

Best wishes to these two cutie-pies in finding a "forever" home. That said, I hope whomever adopts them stays in contact with RDR because they are yet more RDR residents that I have grown attached to.

They remind me of Baron who Wendy adopted along with blind Stoney---they will be great pets!!! Thanks for giving your supporters the chance to know they are up for adoption. It is obvious they ADORE each other!!!

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