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March 20, 2011


It's officially spring in South Carolina. Everything is covered in yellow pine pollen.
I still miss snow!

Despite the obviously cold weather, I think you may live in paradise.

Yay!!! Sushi and sashimi to the cats!!!

The cats are licking their chops waiting *paws-tapping* for Spring.

Ha, cannot imagine snow or cold weather at all. It's 82 here today & for the rest of the week w/ bright sunshine....South TX weather!!!!

great post beautiful pictures, our spring day here in Washinton state windy and very cold but i have faith the warm wheather will be upon us soon. I HOPE!

I was visiting up in Lisbon over the weekend and saw that the ice on the Ammonoosuc River is breaking up, a sure sign of Spring. We watched large sheets of thick ice crash over the falls in town, and along 302 there are huge chunks of ice on the banks and the water is flowing freely. March snow never lasts that long, thnik Spring!

It's going to be in the upper 70s to lower 80s this week! :) I sure don't miss the snow. The only thing I liked about it is that it was beautiful right after it long as I was looking at it from inside!

Hopefully Old Man Winter will beat a hasty retreat in your area and you and the crew can enjoy that beautiful, lush green grass you have on the ranch. That pond is lovely. It's nice to see crisp, clear water like that. I know the cats will be enjoying themselves when the fish arrive!

Time to make a sign for the cats to hang in the barn during nice weather:

Hang in there Steve and Alayne! We just had snow here in Kansas City last Monday (the first day of my "Spring Break") and the last few days have been sunny and 65-75. I have the windows open and have been hanging out on the patio. I have also had the top down on my convertible. After a LONG, HARD winter here.....I am hoping spring is here to stay and that it moves east for you and all the RDR critters. Can't wait to see them frolic in the green grass and sunshine!!

The pond sounds beautiful and Alayne must have enjoyed a few hours off from boiling and mashing potatoes! :) Will you swim in the pond come summer?

Beautiful picture. Go Cats!

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