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March 13, 2011


Kaitlin -- Baron likes anything with a beat! It seems like he's especially into AC/DC and Michael Jackson. He also likes upbeat country music (must be his Montana roots).

Can you ask the owners what type of music he likes the best? Great update!

Sorry Kathleen......different Marla. Thanks for posting about Roo though. For some reason I was blanking on her name. I have wanted to hear an update of how she is doing and if she got her wheels. Hope we get to see her soon she is soooooo precious!!!

To Roo's way to try to get a good picture, especially of one so short, is to just lay all the way down on the floor, on her level, and wait for the shot to happen. Good luck with your little precious piece of 'lint'. I am glad to hear she is doing well and I cant wait to see a picture (even a linty one : )

That picture of Baron is just too cute and I guess his person is just more on top of things than I am! Marla from K.C., when I take a decent picture of Roo I will be happy to share it. So far, they all look like blond lint on a beige rug!.....not at all flattering to a beautiful young lady. She is thriving and has gained almost 2 whole pounds. Marla, did you have a best friend named "Rose" that you once roomed with and the two of you shared a Papillon mix?

This is so interesting!!! Love it!

Totally cute!!
I'm so glad to see a post from Baron and Stoney's Mom. Thanks for updating us!

How interesting and incredibly precious. What a happy dog. I love his headless mouse.

I had to Laugh out loud myself....Baron's groovin'. I love it! Thanks Wendy for sharing those great pics of Baron livin' out loud!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I second that we love seeing the RDR alum!! Baron's momma is so good to share him with us still. I totally fell in love with the little Chihuahua mix that was missing her front legs. YOu said you were going to order a cart for her and she got adopted within days of her intro. I want very much to know how she is doing Steve and maybe see a photo of her with her cart. Any way you can make that happen???

Thank you for sending these sweet sweet pictures Wendy M.

Baron looks so content.

So precious! What a love bug!
Interesting how the other senses heighten when another is lost. Baron is showing us how true it is!
Thanks for sharing this with us.

AWWWWWW - Baron is the cutest!! I have always loved his stories. I could have some fun groovin' with him and mousie - especially if listening to Stevie. Thanks for the adorable photos.

aaww - how cute!

What a precious boy! Everybody loves Baron. So nice to see him enjoying life. He looks awesome!

To the people of the world who think a blind &/or deaf dog cannot enjoy life....Take a look at Baron. He's got the good life and seems to be enjoying it every bit as much as a hearing & sighted dog would (not such a good life for the mice in their lives tho..) Ear scratchies for both Baron & Stoney from Florida

That's a great photo of Baron groovin to the music. He's so cute. It's so nice that he and Stoney have such a good home.

This picture is priceless! What a little chunk-a-lunk. "Groov'n on a Sunday afternoon."

Oh my gosh, what great pictures of Baron! He kind of has that "hey, man, I'm just gettin' into the music and chillin'" look going on in that first pic. I love it!

Baron is a handsome dude who obviously loves his mouse a little too much! :)

These pictures are simply adorable!

What a sweet way to start a brand new week...:-)

A big hug to Wendy, Baron, Stoney and everybody at RDR from Italy.


I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD! Barron is adorable.

It's always a treat to see an alumnus from RDR. Baron, you handsome devil, you, I love your headless mouse and your happy music appreciation.

Goodness, Wendy...he is SOOOO adorable!!! What a precious boy!

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