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March 17, 2011


I'm wondering if your horses are like our horses. When the farrier comes they have to all three be near each other as the farrier works on them. Safety of the group is their way. When we tried it separately there were some tantrums thrown. They don't particulary love each other any other time but farriers are less scary if your family is nearby. (What a great variety of posts you have had lately! Well done.)

Is Steve still alive? Inquiring minds want to know.

So who took a poop in the work area!!?? Bet it was Cash and he thought he was soooo funny!

I think you may be missing out on an opportunity. Picture a big tub of cooked potatoes. Picture Bridger's front hooves gloved up and standing in a big tub of cooked potatoes! I'll bet they could be mashed in no time. Congrats on hiring a farrier extraordinaire!

Wow. Hoof trimming, potatoes, and salad bar all in one post. Nicely done!

Aw, Bridger, you and Alayne just aren't getting any respect are you...Scarface and Potato Lady, indeed! I busted out laughing with the a.k.a's. I'm telling you, Steve, you need to take your blog posts and write a book. I'd be first on line to buy it!

I'm glad that farrier Steve was able to get Rosie all fixed up, I'm sure it's so much more comfortable for her. And Cash has sure grown into a fine looking boy!

And it would be nice to see how Bridger is healing up after his ordeal...if you could post a picture that would be great.

Wow, Cash has grown into such a handsome boy.

So many employees ever smile like Kate---she is so lucky to be at RDR and I'm sure you feel the same--Cash and the horses are so beautiful.

This was an informative post, but I enjoyed it for the entertainment. Alayne must be a good sport to put up with all this teasing she gets.
On a different topic, I'm so glad for Rosie!

You have my permission to hit Steve with a couple of those spuds you were washing! Imagine grumbling over the fact that she wouldn't hold blind Rosie for another picture of her pedicure. You do know how well you have it don't you, Steve?....Happy St. Patty's day to all at RDR!!!

"No hoof, no horse." A farrier is worth his/her weight in gold.

Glad to hear Rosie's feet are doing better.

Yay Farrier Steve!

this may be a dumb question... but I have no experience in horses... do they have to wear shoes?

I can't beleive you didn't show us "Scarface" scar!! Looks like one of the barn cats is at the "salad bar" too! Glad Steve was able to help Rosie!! I'm sure she feels much better.

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