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March 31, 2011


Heres a link to a blog about a women taking on the adventure of raising a blind foal

I find it inspiring. Having shown against blind horses and cared for a horse going blind I believe that they can do as much as any normal horse, given the chance.

Wow, I love it. I have an old and blind cockatiel named Sierra that shares her cage for many years now with Sinbad, a sun conure. He protects her, snuggles up shoulder-to-shoulder with her to sleep and grooms her head for her! She's a lucky girl too.

Most pet owners dont realize that allicted pets can most times adapt. Thru your website, we have all learned that. My Chow went blind with Glaucoma and made it thru the day, but the pain was debilitating and due to his age, surgery was not an option. I believe also it depends on the home atmosphere as well. If calm, quiet and reassuring, pets adapt. But if hostile, noisey, anxious, perhaps not. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us.

Great photo! I love Cash and have enjoyed watching the little guy grow up. What a stinker!

Hats off to Dawn! God bless you and your mare with many more happy years together.

By the way, is Hawk getting ready to give Cash a swift kick?? Cash is the butt biter if my memory serves me.....such a bad boy!! Also, Cash looks like he still has his winter coat, or is he just getting chubby with all his good care?
Blessings to Dawn and Emmy Lou!

21 years with your beloved animal, you know you'd want to do whatever was possible if something happened. How awesome that you have put this helpful information out there and that this wonderful lady found it and will act on it! Blessing all around.

Awesome!! :)


I applaud you Dawn in your love to keep your sweet Emma Lou healthy & happy. You're getting big cyber hugs from me & my companions.
Alayne & Steve, how wonderful it must be to know that you've helped another animal lover along the way!
Big warm hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

PURE JOY!!! This picture did my heart good! Thanks for educating so many regarding blind horses!

Dawn, I am so sorry to hear your horse has is a scary thing for both of you to go through. I have no doubt you both will get through it and have a deeper bond because of it. Thanks to Darcie for your support to her as well. RDR supporters are the best.

I have never owned a horse (a very sad fact since I had always wanted to). I am curious about cataracts and horses. Can cataracts be removed from horses?


Wishing you and Emmy Lou many many joyous moments ahead.

It's wonderful to see the networking that goes on with caring people wanting to support each other in caring for the animals.

Bless you Dawn. I know where you are coming from. When my dear Saber went blind due to Uveitis the thought of giving him up was never an option. And he does just fine out in the pastures. He amazes me sometimes how he can avoid obstacles as he is trotting around kicking up his heels. We know enough not to change anything around him and he does just fine. We are hoping to ride him this spring again, but if we can't, he is still part of our family.....never to leave. God Bless this website and your inspirations!


Three cheers to Dawn and Emmy Lou. May they continue to love their life together for many years to come.

If you really care about animals, you don't abandon them in their time of need any more than you would a human friend. Thank you Dawn for being one of the good guys. And Emmy Lou will surely know that you'll be supporting her all the way.

Bless you Dawn for appreciating Emmy Lou for who she is, cataracts and all. The rest of her is the same, just not her eyes. You have a good heart. I am glad you found I hope it continues to help and, as above, I think you will find others in the same situation to give friendship and advice if you should want it. Thank you Steve & Alayne for sharing all the info you do. You help more animals and people than you can imagine.

Words like Dawn's make it all worthwhile, don't they?

God bless her and Emmy Lou, and may they spend many more happy years together!

P.S. Loved the photo of Cash & Hawk.:-)

Love that picture of Hawk and Cash just enjoying themselves!

Steve and Alayne, in addition to the animals, you help so many people and make such a difference, whether in a big or small way. The email from Dawn just proves that.

Thank you, Dawn, for realizing that Emmy Lou will stay the same loving horse she always was, despite her impaired vision, and thank you for doing what you can for her! Would love to hear an update sometime.

Very touching.......and loved the pic of your two playing.

I feel happy that you and Alayne got to enjoy knowing, once again, you make a difference! Not just in an animal's life but in us humans too. I applaud you Dawn and hope for a day when you are not quite so rare. Kisses to your Emma Lou~

and how much do we love photos of Cash and Hawk playing!???! Great shot!

Dawn, please join our blind horses group on yahoo groups, we are a well-established band of folks who have a wealth of blind-horse experience and support that we are happy to share!

What a lovely photo of Cash and Hawk!
Dawn, very best wishes to you in rising to your challenge! Keep us posted please.

Well that choked me up!

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