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February 27, 2011


NOTHING makes my day like a great Widget story. God bless her, she is persistent...thank you Miss Widget:)

Love it. Fascinates me that this process lasts long enough to enable all the great photos. Great persistence Widge!

mellowing in her old age....

Wouldn't it be nice if people could solve conflict the way these dogs do? Imagine this: One person tries to intimidate another (ie, looms), fails, so decides that their best course of action is to just "nap together" (peacefully co-exist...)

So very cute!! Can you tell me where you got the ramp? I have been looking for something like that for my dogs but can only find steps.

Awwwww Widge, There's fun in being mellow too - you'll see. And go Dexter - you've got moxie even while sleeping! Hope they had a good snooze together once the power struggle was resolved.:)

At least they somewhat fit together on the chair! What a cute post.

Oh that is too funny! Looks like Dexter stayed put through it all. So cute. I love Widget's style!

I seem to recall Dexter's triumphing over Widget like this in another post, completely perplexing her in the process. Poor Widget, she just doesn't know what to do in the face of such refusal. Her final position is a riot, napping with her head going uphill. THanks, Alayne, for catching this funny sequence, and thanks, Steve, for your funny narration.

Our living room sofa was the one off limits place in the house. Three generations of our rescue dogs have learned to live with this one pitiful rule. Our most recent addition rescue beagle Buddy just ignored our wagging fingers and stern warnings. He would (reluctantly) get off but be back on 15 minutes. We now have the sofa covered with a quilt (which he remakes into a nest as soon was we smooth it). Widget like all beagles is just "special".

Ah Widget, she's just the best!!! I think she secretly loves Dexter but just doesn't want it nationally known. It's lonely at the top....

What a riot! Thanks for the chuckle!

Aww, poor Widget seems to be losing her least with Dexter! And in all those pictures, Dexter hasn't moved an inch...he's a sound sleeper!

I'm sure she'll soon find someone else on whom her looming will work. She's certainly a piece of work :)

That's an injustice!!! Who Dexter think he is?

Not sure why you guys ever thought white furniture would work, then again, you have such a large assortment of colored animals at the RDR that I guess no color of furniture would be ideal......doggie brown it is then!!

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