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February 17, 2011


Can't say as I blame you for keeping him! He's adorable!

My little Mr. Wiggins, adopted from a gassing shelter in Lousisana, came with heartworms. It's been a long haul to treat him and he's got to go in for a follow up in April. I have learned that Interceptor (heart worm meds) are more effective at killing off the larvae than Heartgard. Heartworms are strong and difficult to kill off, but of course it's all worth it.
Much love to the little guy and all on your ranch.

If that isn't the cutest face on the planet, I don't know what is! So happy you are keeping Fuzzy. What a lucky boy he is! He'll be the best ambassador for RDR.

Also happy that his treatments are going so well. That is always good news!

If you didn't adopt The Fuzz, you'd have to have your heads examined. Congratulations on a no-duh decision! :-) Give him some kisses from us out here.

Congratulations on your adoption of Mr. McDuff....he is definately a keeper. Of course, they all are aren't they.

--Fuzzy Wuzzy is a dog
--Whose cutest picture's on the blog
--I love his smile; I love his ear
--Wish that I could hug him near.

You can see what this blog does to me -LOL - this is what popped into my head.
How lucky the lil Fuzz is to have his home with you guys!
Many happy snuggles to come.:)

He is so adorable!!! I don't blame you one bit for adopting him yourselves!!!!!

If a toy stuffed doggie was modeled after him, I would purchase one!

I don't know how your heart's take letting any of them go, but this guy ... he's especially darling! Congrats on the new family member! Always room for one more, right?

Wow..congratulations to all of you!

This little guy will put a smile on your face no matter what is going on around you.

I remember from an earlier post how happy he was the moment he arrived at RDR. And now he gets to know that it is his forever HOME!

He won't have to bother training a whole new set of staff now too.

A keeper, indeed! What a very dear boy! Hugs!

"You" decided!! "You" decided!!! He had you wrapped around his paw from the first moment. Congrats that you two finally realized what HE knew from the first moment!

He is so precious! And hey, I think a toy with his face would be a wonderful teaching tool for children... in so many ways!

Steve, you had me there for a moment. I was already imagining how many of the Fuzzy toys I was going to have to get for all the people in my life. Then in the next sentence you dashed my hopes. That would have been a hot seller, especially with a story book to go with it!! Hmmmm.. I am also SO happy to hear his status has changed to "not available for adoption". What a lucky dog.


So glad that Wally (I love that name) is doing well with his treatments. He is a cutie. And I think there is a big potential for him to be a spokesdog for disabled animals. You need to get that face out there and show the world. One question. Now that he's a keeper, where does he get to sleep at night? :)

Fuzzy! Congrats on keeping Mr. McDuff! He is so cute it hurts. The ear flip definitely puts it over the top. He will be a great ambassador for Rolling Dog Ranch! What a lucky guy he is to have you two.

Such a handsome boy!!! But steve to make money for the ranch I would make stuffed animals of some of your dogs to sell...Who wouldn't want to own a Widget!

He is too cute! Love the pic!

I agree with Jerry...I would absolutely buy a fuzzy little Fuzzy dog for my grandchildren (actually, I'm lying...I would keep it for myself)....the toy company could even market him as blind, raise awareness....and donate some of their profit to you guys!

Fuzzy is adorable. I'm glad to hear you are keeping him.

I can see why he's a "keeper". Congrats Mr. McDuff on your fantastic Forever Home! You won the Lottery, little guy! Yipee! Yes Steve, you & Alayne can certainly choose to keep a precious ambassador.
Warm hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

How could you possibly let someone as utterly adorable as Wally/Fuzzy/Mr. McDuff go?;-)

I'm sure he's delighted at the prospect of spending the rest of his life with you two (and all the other furkids, of course).:-)

A big hug to you all from Italy.

What a darling! I can see why little McDuff is a keeper!

YAY Fuzzy McDuff! You got a permanent spot at the ranch! And you are just SO DARN CUTE! BTW, my Emmett went through heartworm treatment last summer and had to do the pre-treatment as well. He came through it with flying colors, and I know you will too. :-)

This is a true win-win situation! And it's no wonder you fell for this darling dog, even just based on his looks alone. Hurrah for all involved, and many happy days to you all.

So happy for his progress and congratulations on the newest member of your forever family!!

Everyone should have staff. It's just that most of us don't! Mr. McDuff, you're are a keeper.

Congrats! There's a new baby in the family! But... WHO'S THE NEXT? :)

They just don't come any cuter! Congratulations on this lifetime commitment... for all of you.

ADORABLE! One big happy family!!! Makes me SMILE!!!

Dang..I know if I didn't have three dogs already, I would have had you ship him out to Montana when he first arrived!! Yes you are entitled.!! He is to cute for words!!

Why kid about the stuffed toy? Lynn Johnston of the comic "For Better Or For Worse" commissioned a toy of the sheepdog Farley that she draws, and it came out quite well. You could raise awareness of the Ranch and a few bucks at the same time. I know you have plenty of free time to spend working on this project.

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