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February 13, 2011


I had the horrible experience of finding a pony who wasn't as calm as Lena, I won't go into it, but suffice it to say it did not end well for the pony in question and I realized I couldn't even be a vet, While I am terribly sorry Lena got herself into that mess, I sure was happy to read that it came to a safe ending for her!!

Oh sweet Lena-glad she is okay--I always remember what Alayne said on one of the TV shows featuring RDR--"you never know what you are going to find so you have to be very flexible." Isn't that the truth!

Back home from a lovely vacation in Oman, one of the first things I've done is checking out your blog, Steve, and just read about Lena's "typical horsey disaster". It's been a great relief to read that she's already feeling much better now.

My heartfelt congratulations on yet another mission accomplished, Steve, Alayne & Kate!

My horses were all sighted and I can confirm that they were quite accident-prone and that some of them did panic very easily.

Please give Aunt Lena a HUGE hug for me.

That is quite a story, Steve! At first I thought maybe Lena was feeling really frisky and tried to climb over! Your story makes more sense. Don't they just scare the bejeezuz out of you? I just found a lump on my 12 year old cat's haunch which is likely to be a fatty tumor but feels a bit strange. My alarms are all going off until this is resolved.

As is many times the case, animals are smarter than humans, when it comes to knowing that they are in good care to and to be still and cooperate! Happy Valentines Day to you all!

It's really remarkable that Lena stayed so calm. My friend's horse was in a temporary stall due to part of the barn roof collapsing (New England winter strikes again) and she kicked the wall, cracked a board and gor her foot caught. We simply could not get near her to free her. A neighbor who's a Paramedic called some of his rescue squad friends andf they somehow subdued her enough to free her, but the injury was much worse because of her extreme panic. Before reading your post I would have imagined that a blind horse would panic even more. This just goes to show the kind of bond you have with your animals, you guys are incredible!

As I was reading the blog Steve I was shaking my head up and down saying yup yup yup been there, yup that is exactly what Apollonia did, and thats what we did. We have not had a mihap like this in a while but, knock on wood, Apollonia does get cast from time to time and we use the rope trick too. I find it so utterly amazing everytime she gets herself in jam like that she just lies and waits for us. She knows we will fix it. Most of the time she has a look of where the hell ya been.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone at RDR!!! Lena seems okay. How are the three of you? :)

My blind Frosty lives very happily in a pasture fenced in vinyl wrapped wire (not hot) because of your suggestions 5 years ago when I called. I appreciate the insight you gave me into living with a blind horse every single day. Thank you for everything you do.

So happy for a happy people are amazing!

What a story! Wonderful commentary on the understanding and compassion of the humans at RDR. Great understanding and trust both horses have of you people and the care you give them. Interesting, in general, about the approach sighted and blind horses have of such problems. Thank you. Hugs to the horses.

The blind horses are all so smart and trust you guys so much. I used to rehab wildlife in CA, my specialty being Fox Squirrels. No matter how seriously they are injured they just seem to 'know' that you are trying to help them. We had to remove an injured eyeball from a squirrel. She had a shunt in the top and bottom of the socket so I could flush it with Betadine several times a day. One day she put her teeth on my hand, didn't bite, just wanted to let me know that she had had enough for one day! So trusting that it's hard to understand why they would be. I don't trust many humans...why should they. Glad everything turned out so well.

I have to add, I was on the edge of my seat reading this blog post as well. Thank goodness Lena is so trusting and calm. Way to go Cash! You and Alayne are truly amazing!

PHEW! Kudo's all around! My goodness. You are all awesome jumping into just the right actions. It must be the most wonderful, priceless moment to know how much she trusts you. Well earned of course. Extra hugs to Cash! What a fine boy!

While I absolutely hate that this happened to Lena, and am thrilled to hear she is okay, I sure enjoy reading these posts. (Gosh, I hope that reads how I intend it). I know I've mentioned before that I didn't know a thing about horses before finding this blog so it's always so interesting when things like this happen. I still marvel at how smart and social they are, like how Lena knew to stay calm and how Cash knew something was wrong and stayed by her side. I imagine they both were so happy to hear your voices as you came to the rescue. I wonder if you talk to them like we do dogs and cats? You must, right? I imagine Alayne telling Cash everything is going to be okay and thanking him for being a good friend as they walked back to the corral. And you saying "hold on Lena, I almost have it!"

I can't wait to be in a postion to be able to come and visit RDR. It's on my bucket list you know!

My goodness what a story! It's amazing & very sweet how much they learn to trust their humans. And, what a guy Cash is to wait patiently with her so she wouldn't be alone. I'm so glad Lena is doing so well & nothing serious happened.

Yikes. I held my breath through this entire blog entry.

The way our animals trust is to get them out of a pickle is just so tender.

And how sweet of Cash staying close by for support.

Great news that Lena is already putting weight on the leg and that it was tended so quickly. I hope she continues with a steady and uneventful healing.

Sounds like a scary and tiring situation to deal with! - but you guys knew exactly what to do and got pretty Lena back up, safe and sound! - Hooray!! Hope that foot heals up well and soon.

To the RDR Humans. Steve you hit it right on the head by saying Lena knew her humans would show up and take care of her. I personnal don't think there is a better way of saying LOVE then the trust they have in you. I am very glad she did wait and she shows her Love for you guys .

Lena is such a smart girl with a lot of common sense. Wait for help to arrive and don't make matters worse. So glad it all turned out okay, and hooray for Cash to stay with her for moral support!

Thanks goodness she is ok! I hope she hadn't been lying there to long. Way to go Cash!! You have grown into quite the gentleman, taking care of your Aunt Lena, staying with her so she wouldn't be alone.

Once again, the love and care that you have given truly comes thru at those times when the animals have an event and an option of how to react. I sincerely believe that because you take such special care with them and they feel so confident in knowing that they are loved, they can remain calm when others might do something that would result in a much worse injury. The are used to your voices, your vibrations, and your touches. Thank you all so very much for getting Lena out of this potential horrific situation, with all her parts intact. I hope she has a quick recovery without any complications.
Thanks for being the best for taking care of those under your loving realm.
Warm hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Aw, poor Lena, I'm so glad to hear that she's doing fine and was so calm during her ordeal. And bless our Cash for staying by her side.

Being that my knowledge about blind horses is somewhat limited, I was just it possible that since you've moved to N.H. that maybe she's just not quite used to the fence perimeters just yet and that's why she got too close before deciding to roll there? I realize that all the snow you've had must make it more difficult for them to find where they are sometimes.

I'm just happy that all turned out well and that your wonderful vet was able to come so quickly!

It's totally amazing that the blind horses have built such a sense of trust that they will patiently wait for help. Seems like another time to say "dumb animal?" I think not. Glad everything turned out OK and she's on the road to recovery. And how about Cash standing by her; what a good boy he is.

What type of fence and wire do you have there? Was it under tension at all? I am curious as I just installed the RAMM fence system for my blind mare. I have four coated wire rails from 10in and 4ft off the ground and a top rail of the 5.25in flex-fence. SO far so good, but I don't know what would happen if she ever rolled like this, as all the wires have been tightened pretty snug. I did have a pony once lay down too close to a fence and stick his feet under the bottom rail with a post between his front and back legs. He was sighted but sensible enough to wait for me to find him and bail him out of that. Easier with a 300lb pony than a 1000lb horse though, for sure! So glad Lena is okay!

What a sensible girl waiting calmly knowing she would be found and rescued!

The photos of the wire just made me cringe! Poor Lena!

I got a fright just reading about poor Lena; I can only imagine how you felt at first sight of her. I have to admire Lena for being cool, calm and collected as she waited for you, and Cash for being a good buddy to Aunt Lena.
A side note: my wobble-cat (feline cerebellar hypoplasia) has additional brain damage and requires extrication from her many misadventures. Once she hears my voice, she's learned to do as your blind horses do, to wait quietly for rescue.

Lena your Arizona friends are soooo happy you are okay. Glad your humans were so close by to help you out of your mess and that Cash was standing watch over you. Hugs and kisses to all our furry little friends.....we love you.

First, thank goodness Lena is OK. Bless Cash's heart. He did what he could for his Aunt Lena, he stuck by her side and watched over her. They both knew their people would be by to check on them. What a gentleman he is turning out to be. Poor Lena, all she wanted to do was roll and get some itchy spots taken care of and ended up in a mess. Never a dull moment at RDR.

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