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February 09, 2011


I think what you are doing is amazing. Raising your own cattle, to ensure your animals are eating food from a humane source. Thank you for setting a great example and showing all of us in the big city there is hope for all animals!

How great!
I'm looking forward to trying Peace cereal; have not heard of it yet.

How wonderful!! If I lived int eh US I'd definitely be buying Peace Cereal!!

Congratulations on winning the weekly prize from the shelter challenge! Hope some of that snow is finally melting up there as it is here in Jersey. Raking the roof doesn't look like fun. :(

Congrats on the selection. What an honor.

I hate to disagree with you, Kathleen, but this offer definitely qualifies as a blog! This company is generously donating to RDR and we would not know if Steve had not blogged about it. Purchasing this cereal will give much needed money to the ranch.

For those who want to print the coupon, the e-coupon printer won't work with Firefox. It does work with Internet Explorer. It is very safe, I have it installed as I print many coupons. Also, if there isn't a store near you that carries the cereal, you can buy it right from the online store on their website. Kudos to Peace Cereal for doing this!

Wonderful news. I'll definitely seek out some Peace Cereal. Suspect I'm a new fan.

Wonderful information - will get some cereal. Congrats on week 4 winner! Going to get a rake like yours to get leaves off our roof here in Fla. Better then climbing up there with a leaf blower. Cheers to all!!

Peace Cereal on the grocery list!

Wow! I had not heard of this cereal, and when I saw that some of the great flavors were vegan, I knew I wanted to try it. Hope everyone buys some. I love to buy from companies that give back!

This cereal offer doesn't qualify as an RDR blog!! Arms still a little sore from raking the snow?? :)

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