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February 01, 2011


I love that idea! I wish I'd had that in my old Victorian in Central New York. That had an oil furnace and man I hated that thing! We've got gas heat and we live in Georgia now so it's not too bad, but I am researching solar to offset our central AC in the summer.

Thanks for "keeping it green." I wish more people thought in those terms. Fortunately I have the option of getting my electricity from Wind Power so that's what I use.
Sending warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit
The're predicting snow for us tomorrow afternoon!

So glad I read the entire article. Thought it looked like a fancy outhouse. :) Glad you didn't go with the oil heat - we had that in Williamsburg and when it died, it blew black residue all over the house through the vents. Enjoy the warmth and the rest. We are digging out from 13" of snow yesterday.

I learn a lot from your site. I never knew such a thing as your gasifier boiler existed till I read this. Thanks for teaching me something!

I can't say we relate - Florida was 70 degrees today - however, I love reading the blogs and learning what our Northerner friends have to do...our relatives in NY are going through the same thing.

I've read about these and think it's a great idea. You should have called the plumber from This Old House to come and do the install for a future program. I'll be curious how many times you have to feed it wood in a 24 hour period based on your conditions? It will be interesting to read future updates about this.

Very cool. Well, not really "cool" .... uh, you know. :-)

This is very cool - thanks for posting!! :)

That thing is cool(so to speak)! Living in Florida I had no idea such things existed. It is nice to know there really are alternative heat sources instead of just electric, oil or wood stoves. I love wood stoves, but as you say, in some cases they just are not enough.

Thank you for posting this.
It's great information to have and I am so glad to know you are all keeping nice and warm; without all the running in and out of the cold.
My dad lives in Minnesota, and I can definately relate!

I certainly don't understand all the technological aspects of your new gasifier boiler, but it sure is very cool if I do say so myself. Very interesting to see how it all runs underground and then connects to the house. Between the energy efficiency of the boiler, the rebate that was offered on the site for NH residents and not having to use the hot water heater, RDR should see some wonderful savings.

The question I have: because of the solid frozen ground you get up there in the winter, how is the freezing of the underground pipe prevented?

It's nice you guys are all comfy cozy warm! Enjoy!

Pretty cool!

I came across a sawdust burning stove ( and thought that it would work well in a barn too.

You guys amaze us with your research--thanks for being so sustainable!!

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