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February 20, 2011


So awesome to read how far Ella has come. Heartwarming story all round!

With the world in so much turmoil, it is nice to hear good news. The response from a child touched my heart.

People changing the world, step by step.

How wonderful to see Gabe and Ella just so relaxed and enjoying themselves with the kids. What a great idea Aiden had and I hope he gets extra extra credit! To see how far Ella has come just gladdens my heart :)

Wow! Brings a tear to my eye to see how far Ella has come from the scared and shy dog she was to a confident and happy pup surrounded by children! What a wonderful family to bring both of these dogs into their home! Truly wonderful!

This is utterly amazing and made me cry! Truly a beautiful story and moment! Thank you Paul, Jenny, Aidan and last but NOT LEAST Rolling Dog Ranch!!! We are so proud to be supporters of such an amazing non-profit animal rescue group!!! I just shutter to think where Gabe and Ella would have been with out RDR!!!

What a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing.

Aidan, Paul and Jenny,
How VERY VERY special this is! How wonderful of you to share Gabe and Ella with your class. Your message of compassion may be one of the most priceless that they learn this year... or for a lifetime. I am sure they all envy your beautiful family.

I was absolutely choked up with happiness to read your story. I know this is a very proud moment for Steve, Alayne and all of us RDR fans. Hugs to all.

Ditto the other comments...heartwarming and inspiring for both animals and humans. Wonderful way to start the week!

Oh.... those pictures of Ella brought tears to my eyes!! Such an incredible, amazing transformation. And Gabe looks just as wonderful as can be. What a perfect family for these two!!

Oh this is wonderful!

Thank you Aidan! And Paul and Jenny, too.

Teach and introduce kids at an early age to embrace the disabled, whether human or not! Looks like it was a great "hands on" experience for everyone!

Aiden, I hope you got lots of extra credit for that one! Good job, kiddo!

THAT was an awesome story to read with my daily cup of coffee! I love that Aiden came up with this WONDERFUL idea on his own and am truly impressed at what a sophisticated thinker he is already. Amazing how we can do SO MUCH GOOD by spreading the word not only that ALL animals are precious and worthy of the same respect humans are, of course, but that disabled animals, like people, enrich our lives in miraculous ways! BRAVO to Aiden and RDR is getting that message out! Ursula Rudd

This is the most wonderful thing I have read in ages...and those kids will remember the lesson for life....kudos to all!

What a wonderful, wonderful story!

Aidan had a great idea: those pictures say it all, don't they?

Every time I look at Ella, my eyes tear up, as she reminds me so much of Camilla... In some ways, it's like Camilla were still alive and living in America.

Thank you and God bless, Jenny & Paul, for giving Gabe & Ella such a loving forever home (as Erma Bombeck used to say, "every dog should have a child").

WOOOWWWWW.... hoo hoo, way to go Aidan and the two great dogs!! Happy homes are always incredible, a visit to a school is so special but that comment will rock my day!

What a way to start the week, great, thank you...

This is an excellent story - - thank you to one and all who took Gabe and Ella to such wonderful heights after their dismal early lives. I see that both Gabe and Ella have put on some weight; must be from living the good life.
BTW, Aidan, you're a good-lookng guy!

Words fail me (and that doesn't happen often!)

Everyone is a winner in this story, even us readers.

Thank you.

Aiden, what a wonderful thing you did!! Showing your classmates what wonderful pets disabled animals make.
Gabe and Ella do look terrific. Goes to show what a lot of TLC can do!! This is truly AWESOME!!

WOW.... what a great follow-up. What a terrific family.

Ella looks like she is being very well fed! Love can do wonders for a gal! They have become "spokesdogs" for RDR and those that have to try a little harder!!! Thank you for sharing.

This has given me total goosebumps and big tears in my eyes!!! The beauty of so many lessons for children with these special animals. I am so proud of Aidan!!
I experience this each and every time I do visits to schools with Frankie and I can never express in just the right words how rewarding this is. To share disabled animals and change the lives of others through their messages is truly an honor-- just like Paul and Jenny have experienced. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

That is just TOO AWESOME! What a great idea Aiden had! Gabe and Ella look terrific and like old pros at this classroom thing. Congrats!

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