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February 06, 2011


Hey Steve, Kathie in Vermont here. We have a metal seamed roof and normally the snow does just slide right off. However, with these back to back storms and the melt, freeze, melt, freeze, we have a build up of ice on the eaves which is stopped the snow from sliding off. The metal roof is good but not fool-proof. Even if we had a rake it wouldn't help with this mess! Good luck!


It never ends, does it? Guess you will never need a membership to a gym!!!

Here in the midwest we know all about the roof rakes. Ours has been used constantly this winter due to getting over 60 inches of snow so far. For those in warm weather areas, if we don't rake it, you get ice under the snow and it leaks into the ceiling. We can't wait for spring!

I forgot about that rake. We had to use that in PA sometimes when we lived in the mountains. Out here in Nebraska the wind just blows it off. Be careful and oh that snow looks beautiful in a wood setting.

Roof rakes are handy gadgets, aren't they? Better yet is when you ask around your area and find someone who makes money on the side going around shoveling off roofs for people for so much money an hour. Saves your "wind" for other chores. Just trying to help LOL!!!

I don't envy you that chore one bit. I looked at that picture and said to myself "boy, am I glad that I moved from the northeast to the south!"

Please, just be careful, we don't want to see you get hurt or dumped under a snow pile!

We've seen some metal roofs in SW Colorado. They sure do make a lot of sense. Hope you can get yours sooner than you now think--but not at an inconvenient time!

Again, things we in Florida never have to think of. I find it so interesting when you write about the day to day stuff that goes on at RDR. You show not just the cute and loveable critters that we love but all the ins and outs and chores that are all part of the process. I do feel for your arms....roof raking then shoveling! Isnt that the door the dogs come out of momentarily to do their business??? Gotta shovel that one...ick! Spring will come and with it crocuses, daffodils and green grass. Soon. Hugs to Cinder.

I'm looking for the snowman somewhere in the picture! LOL!!

I bet your arms are a bit sore...and heavy! Ouch!
That said, it seems one of those things you trade for the beauty of your great new spread.
It is beautiful out there...

Just what you need ---ANOTHER CHORE!!!! This rake looks like what James uses to put up our Christmas lights on our big tree.

I hope a metal roof is a top priority in the near future.

Hey, maybe you can put out a work out video and uses the proceeds to buy a metal roof.

I just read a story of a man somewhere in Ohio (I think) that was doing this and a huge portion of snow fell and buried him up to his neck! Only his head and one hand was above the snow. I think he was buried for a while before anyone heard him yelling. Please be careful and ask Alayne to check on you every few minutes. (stepping off my mother-hen box now) :-)

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