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January 30, 2011


Very sweet pictures!

I noticed you won 2nd with the Shelter challenge. Does that contest happen yearly? Wish I new about it back then, would have voted for you!

I love these pictures. A friend of mine just put her dog down because he was getting blind from old age & he bit her. I was so upset when I heard she had done that. But, the dog was very possessive of her & I think when she brought in a new person to live in her house (her boyfriend) the dog got more possessive & jealous. I wish she could have taken an alternate approach to her decision.

I knew when I saw the pics of the kitties & some were saying there were 3 of them that they were just large cats. My Erin that passed away in July was a large kitty so I am used to see large, loving kitties & how they can take up some space that could look like 2.

The proper way to wake a Bleaf dog is to pop the top on a Yogurt! :^)
My Bleaf Aussie Dave will be fast asleep , just dead to the world , two rooms away till I open a Yogurt ... 30 second later ... here He comes with that pink nose leading the way :)

My Stanley was blind at around 4 years of age, then deaf at 6. Stan used his sense of smell and touch to find his way around. He amazed everyone, including the doctors. He moved 5 times and it would take only a few days to get him acclimated. When I needed to wake him, all I had to do is walk near him and he would smell me to wake up, wagging his tail. Stan lived almost 14 years...happily. Just like your dogs, he could sniff out the last crumb on the floor better than our Doberman (who could see!). He kissed away my tears, gave me comfort and most of all, unconditional love. All to say, he never snapped at me or anyone.

The faces of these two precious dogs are so cute.....such contentment! They know they are adored! Thanks for sharing!

I love Spinner she's my favorite RDR dog. Glad to see that she's doine well. All my blind/deaf dogs past and present have that same "sniff (right) sniff (left) sniff (a little higher) sniff sniff" HAHA there you are wake up routine!

I have a blind deaf guy and he sleeps so well. I can almost hang him upside down to wake him somedays and he doesn't even open his eyes, kind of like a kid trying to get out of going to school. Chance was born blind and deaf and I think that makes a differene as well. I had a little dachsie go blind and deaf with age and she used to startle when woken up.

We just adopted a deaf, sight-impaired 1 year old great dane pup. She is the most confident, happiest, most well adjusted dog we've ever had. She is also a "happy-waker"--never had her wake up snappy, and I love not having to worry about thunder and fireworks.

Spinner's nose also sounds like my Abbie's; the other night, she was asleep when I came home, and I was partially hidden when she woke up. She looked up, smelled my scent and saw my jacket, and went tearing around the house looking for me, even though I was sitting not 10 feet away! She was SOO happy when she finally found me.

Love the picture of Spinner! Pricelss!!
I'm glad you are including a link about blind and deaf animals or as larry put it Bleaf. (love that!!) Levi has never been aggressive or bitten anyone either. However, if another dog is aggressive with him, he will defend himself!! I lightly touch/pet him and he wakes up with more of a look of "what I was sleeping here", although sometimes it is hard to tell if he is sleeping with him having no eyes! Sure fired way is by his snoring though!! :)

Beautiful pictures of happy sleeping dogs! They both look so content.

Really looking forward to the new website and new information dispelling myths about disabled dogs.

Thank you for sharing all you are learning with us.

Amy's so right! There are advantages to having a deaf dog (mine lost her's about three years ago when she was 11). The vacuum used to scare the heck out of Tammany but now she just watches it go by without even getting up!!

Kisses to Spinner and Madison, two special girls. :-)

Lovely pictures - thank you! These 2 are so fortunate to be in your care!

Those pink ears & nose! And contentment, :) wonderful!

Sounds like a great addition to your website. Looking forward to the dispelling of myths.

While all of the RDR dogs are my favorites, Spinner has always been my #1 favorite... I just love her. Thanks for this great update and photo.

The best thing about deafy dogs (I have one) is that you can eat a bag of potato chips and they never bother you because they can't hear the bag krinkling. :)

Spinner ! How's it goin' Girl !
My Bleaf Aussie Dave says Hi !

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I agree about never having a problem with waking our sweet, perfect big boy. Mr Gabriel T Nubbins usually wakes up by sniffing the air (thank you again for giving him back his ability to smell) and right away his nub starts wagging which tells me our boy is happy. That, in a nut shell, gives me an incredible feeling of joy. We love our boy with a passion. Snappy and mean???? Not a chance.

I hope many people will see the revamped website and get the information and facts about the real personalities of deaf dogs and the myths surrounding them. I hope it opens many eyes.

I absolutely love these two pictures! Spinner and Madison are gorgeous. The look of contentment is just priceless. I always say that I wish I could sleep as well as my two dogs!

The "cat controversy" is easy to explain: apparently he is too large, more precisely a very long cat. A "doxie-like" one?!?!?

BEAUTIFUL picture of Spinner. Thank you Steve and Alayne for educating the public on disabled animals--I always remember what Steve says, "Don't pity these animals--all they want is to get on with their life and enjoy it." (something like that)

It's a real treat to start this week with a closeup of gorgeous Spinner and that golden beauty, Madison. Thank you!
I'l add my two cents' worth on disabled animals: in my twenty years of owning disabled animals, I've never had a problem with aggression or other unacceptable behavior one reads or hears about as being due to disability. I applaud you for doing your part to put to rest these myths.

I love that you are going to include a section on myths about blind and deaf dogs. Neither Baron or Stoney has ever bitten me or any children they have ever been around (remember the blog post about Baron and my niece?). Not even close! They are both GREAT with kids. I can't wait for the new website make over!

I wish I had them here, curled up with me, managing that same sound sleep!
What great buddies...

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