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January 27, 2011


If you are like me, and the need presents itself again, you will save the cats. You will suffer the pain of allergies in order to prevent the cats from suffering. I tried to stop saving cats because I am have 11 cats & most of them come inside. One is declawed and stays inside. Can't help it...

As a huge cat lover I appreciate all you have done in the past to care for any disabled kitty. I understand your reasons for not taking anymore in & I'm sure it was a hard decision since you are always so willing to help any animal in need. I do believe more & more cat care places have popped up over the past few years & that could be, as you suggested, why you all don't get calls to help as much as you used to. Thanks for all you do & all you have done.

And, what I love in this pic is how it shows kitties will always find a comfy, warm place to nap. It's in their DNA!!!

I too am sad that Rolling Dog will no longer accept disabled cats. As a person passionate about cats, I believe they aree too often valued less than dogs. I had hoped that your move to Neww Hampshire would enable you to find volunteers or hire a staff person to help with cats, since poor Alayne cannot -- and maybe one day that will be true. Meanwhile, doing research, I have fou nd is web site: Among other listings, there is one where individuals who are fostering seriously disabled cats can seek potential adopters. Please share th is link, and perhaps some of us cat lovers can help them.

Thanks to you and Alayne, many cats, who would have had sad lives or no lives at all, have had very happy lives, whether long or short. I'll miss reading about the RDR cats, but I understand your decision. I commend you folks for all you have done and for all you continue to do. God bless you.

It's nice to see Smoke again. My Prius has run great since he gave it the once over in August. Allergies lower the body's immune system so it just makes good sense to protect yourself from something that makes you sick. You two work like field hands and need your health to do so. Being a minion is hard work!

I hadn't heard of Tibby and Fibby's passing. So sad. I'm a vet tech in Georgia and whenever I tell friends and coworkers about the ranch, I show them Tibby and Fibby's x-rays on your website as they've been two of my favorite residents. As a cat person myself, I'm disappointed there won't be as many posts on cats, but as someone posted above, thank you for all those cats you have helped in the past. I once had a disabled cat as well, an epileptic, and maybe one day I'll have another.

I kept looking at the picture and it took me a while to realize that there was a cat sitting up on the hay bale on top since the color blended in. I'm not sure which cat that is, but it's either a rather large one or Smudge is kind of hiding behind it a little bit. Could that be it?

Thanks for a cat post and hope to hear a bit about Cinder and Minx sometime.

I'm sure it was a very carefully considered decision to no longer accept cats at RDR, and we respect it and thank you for sharing your decision with your supporters. We admire all you've done for the cats you've rescued over the years.
On a separate note, here in San Francisco the SPCA has developed an innovative "Working Cats" program for kitties who are semi-feral or under-socialized. Kind of like your Smoke/Smudge/Skitter team. Bonded 2-cat pairs are adopted out to 'work' (mousing, ratting, or just hanging out in a business). The biz owners have been thrilled, and the kitties are happy doing what they enjoy. As SFSPCA says, "Utilizing cats is a greener alternative than using toxic poisons to control rodents, and businesses report the cats foster repeat customers." Hope that sort of creative solution catches on at other cat rescues around the country.

I see THREE cats in this photo. Two up top and one down lower--is that Smudge?

Very sweet! All they need now are little sunglasses!

Makes sense...thanks for ALL the disabled cats you did save! I just LOVE cats and really enjoy seeing your sweet barn kitties. Okay, let's get a blog on Mink and Cinder! Cat allergies are such a serious problem with so many people. Funny.....Alayne who has dedicated her life to animals is allergic and how you Steve have saved cats from foreign countries.

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