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January 09, 2011


I think Dexter would have given Widget the 'stink-eye' if he thought she would see it.

Any news on what the cats are up to these days?? Been a long time since we have heard about them.

Adorable!!!! Just so everyone who has an IPhone can vote on your phone as well as the Internet. On the iPhone, you may have to check the search button twice but it will allow you to vote. So for me, I vote twice everyday! WooHoo!! Let's go RDR!

Ah, poor Widget. Just can't get away from Mr. Dexter T. Dickens can she. It's bad enough she has to sleep in the same room with him at night, now he's also invading her "daytime" snooze! What's a girl to do?

What a great way to start out a cold Monday--a hilarious story & wonderful pictures !

I can never get enough of basket follies! Dexter cracks me up each and every time. :)

So does this make Widget the Princess since she just IGNORED the pea?

These pictures put a big smile on my face and got a good chuckle out of me. The 2nd picture of Dexter with that look on his face is priceless...that's the epitome of the "evil eye"!

Everyone, please remember to vote in the Shelter Challenge every day and to tell everyone you know. If you have more than one browser on your computer (i.e. Internet Explorer and Firefox), you can use each one to cast a vote. The more votes, the better chance of taking first prize!

Imagine waking up and finding someone sleeping on your head. Imagine trying to sleep and finding someone sleeping underneath you. When you're at RDR, there's never a dull moment.


Too funny!

The pics are too funny!!!
I'll be voting!

And Widget won again!!! Yeahhh!!! She's the best!!!


so cute!!

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