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January 04, 2011


It shows that they are well loved - and that they came from a happy place to their ever-after home...

When you see photos like this you just KNOW that Steve and Alayne are doing the right thing..

I can't get over the transformation in our sweet Ella.. what a girl!

Wonderful photos of animals that know they are completely safe, belly up for all the world to see.

Colleen, congratulations on the new kitty!! I am glad you adopted a shelter kitty, they are the best. I hope you and Andre' share many many wonderful years together. I am happy for you and I am sure Erin kitty is too. Anne

I just read Pauls comment...I hadnt realized that Gabe & Ella had kids in the house too!! How great for them. It really shows how far Ella has come to sleep belly up in a house full of people. Great job of trust building in her. Ella & Gabe sure lucked out, BIG time

Simply adorable!!

I love these pics! So wonderful to see these happy babies loving the luxury of their furever homes!

Welcome back, hope your holidays were wonderful for you all & the fur kids!

I adopted a new kitty from our local shelter. His name is Andre'! He is a black & white tux kitty. I liked his name cuz it was perfect because he looks like he is wearing a tux & is slowly becoming the head maitre d in his new home. He is about 7 months old & it's just been wonderful having a new fur kid to snuggle & play with.

Great way to start the new year! The one distinct pattern I see~ Total Contentment! Sure does warm the heart,

Too cute!!

GREAT way to start the 2011 Blog year!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Ella's picture warms my heart to no end. What a wonderful first post for their bright New Year's. The other two are darling photos as well. "All is bright, all is calm..."

Happy New Year everyone! God bless.

Utterly Adorable -so safe and happy - Happy New Year all!

How fun it is to see such happy dogs and cats!

Love the photos! Didn't Ella's new parents also adopt Gabe? How is he doing?

I respectfully comment that Ella is a lady!!! LOL.

Remembering the blogs about Ella and how shy she was and seeing her now you can tell she's happy and at home. (and very spoiled!) That's a wonderful photo. and it was good to see Charlie. I often reread his story from the link you have on your home page - it's so uplifting and heartwarming. Thanks for the nice photos.


Happy New Year!!! I was so worried when we didn't hear from you on Monday. Those little darlings just have to learn to relax!

Great Photos!! Wish I had one of Timmy sleeping like Ella cuz he does the samething!! Will have to try and get some of him and Levi for that matter.

Hope everyone had a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

When that photo of Ella popped up I almost spit coffee all over my keyboard. That's so funny! I do love the follow up photos from adoptees.

We adopted a senior, formerly abused/neglected dog and I keep his foster mom up to date on his life. I feel it's the least I can do for all of the time, effort, and compassion she gave to rescue him and get him ready for a forever home. I'm so glad the people you've sent pets home with feel the same way. You are, after all, still a part of their lives.

Thank you Molly, Charlie and Ella for wishing us a peaceful New Year !!

All the best to you and your families.

Oh, Updates on "pur" critters! I love hearing the Happily Ever After stories. With pictures, even better. All 3 look SO content and dont show a care in the world...the way it should be. Thanks: Jennifer & Paul, Julie & Richard and Tia & Karl. For the updates and for giving such good homes to the best pets in the world.

Happy New Year What great pictures to start the year. If it wasn't for u two and the love and trust u show all ur animals Ella wouldn't be so happy, as well as all the others. Great job.

Nice to see pics of previous residents in their new homes. They're all adorable but Charlie is the BEST! What can I say, you just can't beat a sleeping beagle.

You can certainly see that they are totally content in their wonderful forever homes, that's for sure. It's great to see the updates!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!

I believe the "distinct pattern" in these photos is love: love that makes Ella, Charlie & Molly feel utterly safe and comfortable, allowing them to sleep peacefully, without a care in the world.:-)

Thank you so much to Jennifer, Paul, Julie, Richard, Tia and Karl for giving these furbabies such loving homes!

P.S.: Looking at a picture of Ella (who looks so much alike our Camilla, whom we lost last August) warms and breaks my heart at the same time...

You should feel so proud! These little guys would never had the chance to get a forever home let alone achieve their full potential. Imagine how confident they must feel and how trusting and loved. They look supremely relaxed and they'd never have had that chance without you two and RDR. Job well done. Thank you!!

What a gorgeous way to start the year! May they keep inspiring us to relax into yawns, naps and cozy times... :)

I am SO glad you're back online and blogging! Whew. And too adorable - especially Ella...when you know all she's gone through in the past. To see her happily sacked out on her very own couch...makes me smile with joy. THANK YOU.

Ellas photo was taken after I had not seen her for a bit, and went looking for her. I headed upstairs, and there she was!! She was snoring to, but the wrestling around to get my phone out of my pocket prompted her to open her eyes and give me this look like, "Hey Dad, what's going on?? I'm just kicking back in the loft if you need me!!" I think our two legged kids are rubbing off!!!

Paul and Jenny

Great shots! Glad to hear from you again. Was a bit worried about the storms and how they may have affected your area. Happy New year, and now I'm going to take a nap...................

Really cute! Especially Ella. It looks like they have put in a hard day playing.

Splendid photos! It's so good to see RDR alumni lounging and relaxing in their new homes. To the lucky folks who adopted these cuties, thanks for the pictures - - they're a perfect start to the new year!

Ella, how far you've come!

So glad to see everyone getting the best out of life.

I've been watching the temps in Ovando vs. Lancaster. You made the right move. ;-)

(Please bring back the sans serif font!)

What sweethearts. They look absolutely contented. Great job finding each of them the perfect

Awwww, it's a good feeling to know the kids each have wonderful, wonderful homes. No stress in their little bodies. We should all learn from them.... yawn.... time for a little nap myself.

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